How To Make A 12v Power Supply And Its Various Uses

When it comes to finding and installing the best power supply, experts believe and recommend the 12v power supply because of its widespread use and ability to give you the best power without interruption. This power supply is all you need to get a constant output voltage using the high voltage power supplier electrical device.

This article is made with such things as how to make a 12v power supply and what could be its possible uses in facilitating your life. Why not explore these things here? Let’s just start reading about this power supply.

Where is a 12v power supply used?

This power supply is used in a lot of major disciples and fields.

  • It is used in low voltage lighting and alarms.
  • It is used in test controls and test equipment.
  • It is used in communication and automobiles.
  • It is used in vehicles to facilitate travelers.

How to make a 12v power supply?

If you are reluctant to spend your money buying a 12v power supply for your use, you can go for its making. The making of this power supply won’t ask you for a lot of money and effort.

If you encounter any issues with your DIY 12V power supply, you can find helpful tips and guidance on troubleshooting and repairs at Bravo Electro.

You can do it by learning the following points.

Collect the things that you will need throughout this making:

A few components, such as tools and things, are needed to complete this project of making a 12v power supply. The things are:

  • LM7812 Voltage regulator
  • Heat Sink
  • PCB Board
  • LED
  • 50v, 1000 micro capacitor
  • 1K Resistor
  • 4 Diodes
  • Transformer
  • Soldering wire
  • Soldering iron

Make a circuit diagram:

Take four diodes from your stock and then use these diodes to make a bridge shape. Well, this bridge is used to convert alternating current to direct current.

Connect capacitors and transformer:

Once you have made that diode bridge, you will have to connect the capacitor to the bridge. After that, take the 12v transformer and connect it to the bridge.

Make other necessary connections:

Once you are done with the connection of the capacitor and transformer, you need to connect the resistor with LED.

Use the LM7812 voltage regulator:

You will take this voltage regulator. You will find three pins attached to this regulator. One is for input, the second is for ground, and the last is for output.

Complete the circuit with the soldering wires:

Now you will attach the wires with the respective pin. This step will be a gesture that your project has been completed.

Make the required tests:

Once you are done with all the connections and circuit completion, you will have to make a test. You need to power your circuit with the help of a battery. Be very careful while handling this project.


The 12v power supply is used in almost all vehicles people travel to distant places. This power supply is used in almost all walks of life, such as in automobiles, medicine, conducting tests, communication, and vehicles. So, if you find it useful for providing you with an uninterrupted power supply during traveling, you should buy or make it for you.

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