How to Use Your iPhone to Create Amazing Audio and Video Content for Your Website

If you run a site that relies heavily on video, you’re probably facing headaches with your equipment. What’s the right camera for you? How do you clean up your audio?

We’re here to tell you don’t need to bother with all that. Your iPhone is enough! Here’s how you can use it to get top quality audio and video on your own.

Get your video preparation down

Make a list of the kinds of content you want to produce. Product clips? Short films? Specific video content for your social media strategy? See what kinds of frames you will need, how many clips you should record, and how they can all come together. Plan the appropriate compositions. This way, you save yourself effort and time in the long run, and make sure that you’ll have enough content for the week, month, or other period.

Since you’re working with a smartphone, you want to do your best prep work. Adapt to your device’s capabilities to get the most out of it. Before it comes to actual filming, spend some time recording random content and getting a feel for your camera’s recording ability.

See how the light and shadows behave through the lens at different times of day. Check out the results under artificial lighting. What kind of transitions can you make between frames? How does the audio come through? Don’t forget to test for different locations and weather conditions as well.

Don’t disregard the portrait

Landscape videos are the unwritten rule when it comes to scenery shots. They’re great for vacation reels, short films, and such. However, vertical mode has its solid place as well. It is the default orientation for content aimed at TikTok, IGTV, Instagram Stories, and other social media.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the platform you intend to post on. If it’s vertical-favouring, focus on vertical video orientation. Figure out how you can take advantage of the narrow framing to accent the right things and leave out unnecessary elements.

If these videos are meant to be steady content, make sure that they can easily be cropped into squares without sacrificing shot quality.

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Invest in a microphone

If your videos are meant for a YouTube channel, you want to clean up your audio during the recording process itself. This is especially important for content that includes dialogue, monologue, or a voiceover. Mics on best smartphones are built-in, so they capture far too much environmental noise.

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Improve your iPhone’s audio capabilities with a good external microphone. Simply attach it to the phone and point it at the sound you want to record. These are great for live music or vlogs. If your content is in the interview format, just point the phone in the direction of the speaker like you would a traditional mic.

Be aware that some mini mics for iPhones raise the volume of all the audio they capture. Therefore, to achieve optimum sound clarity, you should still try to provide a quiet recording location for interviews or voiceovers.

If you have to work in noisy environments, but want high-quality audio, get a pro-grade mic. This will require a bit more of an investment. iPhones can’t accept the standard 3.5 mm jack that most regular professional microphones use. Plan to purchase an appropriate connection iPhone microphone adapter.

Get the right auxiliaries

Optimise the phone you intend to work with. To begin with, make sure that your hardware fits your needs. If you were an Android user before, we recommend that you buy Apple iPhone online for more choices than you get at a brick-and-mortar vendor.

Take your time comparing the devices’ specs. Pay special attention to the camera, mic, and speakers. Research what headphones, earbuds, etc. work with that particular model of phone.

Next, download all the video editing apps you’ll need. Go to the app store and browse for editing tools aimed at your content type. Video Filter and iMovies are some classic choices. Quality lenses and top-notch sensors are great for raw content, but you still have to polish what you produce.

Take advantage of zooming

Zooming is immensely helpful when your shooting location simply cannot get good lighting. It also allows you more creativity with your takes. You can play around with close-ups and frames for added drama, specific focus, and so on. Experiment and get versatile raw material, which you can turn into more effective final content in the video editing stage.

Unfortunately, the iPhone’s native video app doesn’t let you zoom during the recording process. You are going to need an additional app for that, but there are plenty of good choices. For example, Flare is a popular choice. It lets you apply HDR effects to your video, in addition to zooming in and out mid-recording.

Consider some external lenses

If you are long-term serious about your iPhone video and/or photography, get yourself a set of lenses. External camera lenses for iPhones come as telephoto, macro, wide-angle, and fish-eye lenses.

They will make your iPhone visuals look like they aren’t iPhone visuals. Wide-angle lenses let you capture more of the scene to the left and right, so you end up with a different ratio. They’re perfect for travel bloggers who record outdoor scenery a lot.

Passionate detail hunters will want the macro lens to get the “blown background” effect and capture tiny subjects super close up. Fans of interesting effects will do well warping their videos with a fish-eye lens.

So, let’s sum up. The iPhone by itself isn’t optimal for video and audio, but it has an incredible range of colours and high-quality cameras. Maximise these features with a suitable mic and lens set. Add a few apps that will let you zoom mid-recording, add effects, etc. Polish your skills in vertical-oriented filming for social media, and go the extra mile in prep to save yourself some hassle in editing.

By Mike Johnston

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