[Ports List] Popular Web and Database Servers

The below list includes the ports on all the popular Web and database servers.

Port Server
66 Oracle SQL*Net
80 Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
81 HTTP Proxy, Alternative HTTP Port, Cobalt Server Administration Port
443 Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
445 Microsoft SQL Server over NetBIOS
457 UnixWare/Netscape FastTrack Server
1080 SOCKS Proxy
1100 Oracle WebCache Listener
1241 KaZaA File Sharing Server (HTTP-like protocol)
1352 Lotus Domino (Notes)
1433 Microsoft SQL Server 2000
1434 Microsoft SQL Server over TCP/IP Redirector
1521–1530 Oracle
1944 Microsoft SQL Server 7
2301 Compaq Insight Manager, Compaq Survey Utility
3128 HTTP Proxy (Squid, NetCache, etc.)
3306 mySQL
4000 Oracle WebCache Listener
4001 Oracle WebCache Listener
4002 Oracle WebCache Listener
4100 Sybase 11.0 (jConnect)
5000 Sybase 12.x
5432 PostgreSQL
5800 VNC HTTP Console Port #1
5801 VNC HTTP Console Port #2
5802 VNC HTTP Console Port #3
6346 Gnutella (HTTP-like protocol)
6347 Gnutella (HTTP-like protocol)
7001 BEA WebLogic
7002 BEA WebLogic
8000 HTTP Proxy, Alternative HTTP Port, HP Web JetAdmin Version 6.0
8001 BEA WebLogic
8005 Apache Tomcat Administration Server (non-HTTP protocol)
8080 HTTP Proxy, Alternative HTTP Port
8888 HTTP Proxy, Alternative HTTP Port
30821 Netscape Enterprise Server Administration Server
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