Teaching ESL using Computer Assisted Language Learning

Computer Assisted Language Learning is the newest technology to be used in the ESL language learning classroom.

When computers became accessible and affordable, they were quickly integrated into the more modern language schools. They were first used to provide supplemental exercises and students came in for an extra hour and worked on tasks. This was initially exciting because it was new and many students did not even know how to use a computer. So as an essay writer online I can say that, though the teaching of computer skills was time-consuming, the whole thing was a bit of an adventure.

Today, however, with increasing numbers of children becoming more computer literate than their elders, this is no longer enough to satisfy today’s children. To many modern children, this could be as boring as the rote learning of grammar rules.

Learning a Language using CALL

The newest technology taking the teaching world by storm is Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL). This approach to the teaching and learning of language is usually an interactive presentation, reinforcement, and assessment of the information through the use of text, pictures, audio, and video. The program can be used in the classroom and also at home, where students are more willing to do their homework because of the attractive way the package has been put together.

For better or worse, children nowadays are more demanding in terms of entertainment, having grown up in a world of mobile phones, play station, and home computers. They are used to instant gratification and so are not likely to give a slower, less graphic presentation of information their attention for very long.

Proven Language Learning

This is all very well and good, but even the most sophisticated teaching package is not good if it does not result in better language learning. Such programs provided for example by writemyessaycheap require a substantial investment by both the publishers and educational establishments, so it is pointless to pay for them if the results are unconvincing. Many studies on CALL since the year 2000 have shown that there is a significant difference between students using CALL and students who do not. This difference was even higher when CALL users were comfortable using computers.

Constructivism in Education

The success of CALL is attributed by some to the idea of constructivism. Constructivism is the theory that when learning is based on what is already known and furthered due to active engagement, self-regulation, and visual and verbal activation, then the learning is more effective and strengthened. Students are not hindered by the progress of their classmates which means that more proficient students can go faster and slower students can work on their weaknesses without fear of appearing stupid in front of their peers.

One of the biggest problems in the classroom is how to accommodate the different levels and abilities of the students. So a program of essaywritercheap that pleases and everyone and encourages optimum learning is a major advantage.

All in all, when nothing else is available as is the case in many schools across the world, a piece of chalk is a fine teaching tool and can perform wonders in the right hands. By the same token, many electric and electronic devices are nothing more than gimmicks if they are not used productively. The same can no longer be said of the latest computer programs, however. Teacher input is still required of course and students need to be encouraged and shown how to use the material but effective language learning has never been more possible nor has it ever been such fun.

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