What is a barista job?

“I work as a barista” … A few years ago, this phrase would have caused bewilderment and questioning looks. And even today, not everyone fully understands who a barista is and what his duties are. Even those who sincerely love coffee and cannot imagine their life without a fragrant drink with bitterness know little about these people. Let’s get acquainted with this specialty in Qatar and find out what a barista does.

Baristas first appeared in Italy. Therefore, it is important to find out the origin of a given term or concept from the original language. The literal meaning of the Italian word “barista” is the person behind the bar. And this is logical, since the first Italian baristas really worked at the bar, creating various drinks, including coffee.

However, over time, there was a need for highly specialized coffee makers. In addition, not amateurs were needed, but professionals who could understand coffee varieties, be able to handle coffee machines and create coffee drinks according to various original recipes. That is why, now the word “barista” is understood as people who, from coffee to “you”, know almost everything about it and can prepare a truly tasty and fragrant specialty drink that cannot be repeated at home.

Well, where without the traditional style of a bartender. A professional barista is a considerate, discreet and courteous person who is trusted by customers to select a drink when needed and to prepare it to perfection.

Barista Responsibilities

Often the description of this specialty looks scarce and it seems that anyone can become a barista, without training and special skills. The main task of these people is making coffee. But what is the job of a barista in modern coffee shops? Is it really just to put an empty cup in the coffee machine, wait for the machine to make coffee and serve it to the client? This is not true. The duties of this specialist include many more tasks.

The professional barista must:

  • Competently select and prepare products for making coffee and coffee drinks. This includes the selection of grains, dairy products, spices, toppings, syrups, and so on. A barista must understand the flavor and aroma of beans, know what coffee bouquets can be created from different varieties, and understand how best to process and store them. Also, the specialist should know what specialty coffee is and what unique characteristics it has.
  • Thoroughly own a variety of coffee recipes based on classic espresso. Some establishments expect baristas to be able to create at least 40 types of coffee drinks. For others, it is enough for a specialist to accurately prepare the drinks presented in the coffee shop menu.
  • To be able to understand the client and his preferences and, in accordance with this, recommend the best drink for him.
  • Know and understand the features of coffee machines. The barista must be able to set up and regulate espresso machines depending on the raw materials used, the humidity in the room, the coffee grind, and so on.
  • Professionally prepare drinks with careful observance of proportions and recipes.
  • Prepare coffee in an original way and serve it on time. A good barista is able to show art talent, as specialty coffee with decorations and drawings on the coffee foam is popular.

This profession is very popular among young people. Both boys and girls can work as a barista. Age for this profession is not the most important criterion. Basically, people from 18 to 40 years old work as a barista. However, among these masters there are also experienced age specialists who have devoted many years of their lives to making coffee and are in no hurry to say goodbye to their favorite profession.

As a rule, in a coffee shop, a barista is expected to master the coffee machine. That is, he prepares most of the drinks based on traditional espresso using this machine. However, it will only be a plus if the master has the techniques of making coffee in a cezve. Since this only adds to his professionalism and involvement in the matter. Such an employee is considered more diverse, experienced and skillful.

What qualities should a barista have?

It is important not only what the barista does, but also how he does it and what personal qualities he has.

To be successful as a barista you need:

  • Good communication skills and willingness to communicate on various topics, as he often talks to people, advises something from the range or just keeps up the conversation.
  • Serious attitude to work.
  • Decent appearance.
  • Openness and kindness.
  • Thoroughness in compliance with technological and professional standards, including in the handling of equipment and raw materials.

Artistic taste and the desire to constantly develop in craftsmanship.

Benefits and costs of the profession

Watching from the outside what the barista does in a coffee shop, it seems that this work is easy and interesting. It’s true that passionate baristas love their job and don’t want to change it. However, there are characteristic features in this specialty, which for some are advantages, and for others – costs.

So, for example, in a professional environment, baristas do not use the word “client”, since every visitor to their establishment is a guest. And, as you know, a special attitude towards guests. Therefore, the master must understand the psychology of people no worse than in coffee blends, try to find a personal approach to each guest and enjoy it.

It has been noticed that visitors to coffee houses come there not only for a cup of fragrant favorite drink. In a warm atmosphere, they want to relax, rest their body and soul and leave the cafe in a good good mood. The lion’s share in creating a spiritual atmosphere rests with the shoulders of the barista. New acquaintances and frequent conversations with visitors can be regarded as a plus and a minus. Such close communication requires emotional stability, as well as constant work on oneself and expanding one’s horizons.

In addition, given the specifics of the work, coffee makers have to spend a lot of time on their feet. Yes, it’s not easy physically. But thanks to this, you can keep yourself in shape and be in good shape. Another plus is a tip for delicious coffee and decent service.

There are different ways to acquire this profession. Some chose to learn from a specialist in the workplace, others went to vocational training courses, and still others enrolled in academic programs. The choice of training method affects the skill of the future barista, but the main thing is to fall in love with coffee and love people. Only in this way it will be possible to create ideal coffee drinks in order to treat them not to customers, but to dear guests.

So, let’s summarize and answer briefly the question: barista – what kind of profession is this? These are masters of their craft who only prepare coffee, but they do it exclusively professionally. They do this with knowledge of different recipes, with the ability to distinguish varieties of coffee beans and combine them competently, including easily distinguishing impeccable specialty coffee from others and making a unique drink from it, as well as serving exactly what the guest wanted today and now in an original way. . If you are interested in the profession, then we offer you training programs for the skill of a barista and work in a coffee shop.

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