What Proxies Have to Do With Limited Edition Sneakers

Sneakers have transcended the social ladder. These commodities, once only a symbol of sportsmanship, are estimated to generate over $85 billion in revenue by 2026.

The growth and dominance of the athleisure department have continued to propagate the popularity of sneakers, especially over the last decade. Moreover, the aftermath of the pandemic has led to people prioritizing comfort, as the period saw an increased preference for leisure wear and comfortable shoes.

The multi-billion dollar industry is thriving thanks to an entire subculture of society, dubbed sneakerheads, whose social identity ties to the number and type of sneakers they own, notably limited editions.

Sneakers have become highly coveted fashion objects, with high fashion brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga setting the pace for luxury producers. People make a living by purchasing as many limited edition sneakers as they can find and reselling them for profit. Whatever the fascination with sneakers, it is clear that these formerly conventional sports shoes make up a significant part of modern society.

The Rise of Limited Edition Sneakers

Sneakers stem back to Bill Bowerman, a University of Oregon track coach, who went on a quest to create shoes with maximum grip for his runners. Bowerman co-founded Nike in 1964 and has since worked towards the creation of the perfect track shoes for each of his athletes. Bowerman and his partner, Charles Goodyear, were able to formulate heat-withstanding rubber that acted as a sole for sneakers in the 1860s. The newly-designed sneakers became a symbol of wealth and gained popularity among the elite, where there was a market for functional and fashionable sports shoes.

Research conducted by Yuniya Kawamura suggests that sneaker recognition and its acceptance in society took place in three major waves. The first wave was simultaneous with the emergence of hip-hop, where an underground sneaker culture was established. There were particular designs associated with esteemed icons. For example, Adidas Samba’s design was mainly associated with a football subculture, while a song titled My Adidas by Run–D.M.C. helped popularize sneakers in contemporary culture.

The second wave of sneaker obsession developed in 1984 with the release of Nike Air Jordans, which brought about the desirability and commodification of sneakers, mainly emphasized by celebrity endorsements. Sneaker brands had identified a way to make their designs coveted by the public by associating them with elite players and celebs. The elusiveness and hefty price tags of designer sneakers are among the main factors that contribute to the sneakers’ appeal.

The third wave of the rise of the sneaker culture is mainly associated with developments in technology and the industry of reselling designer sneakers. The growing cult-like movement of sneakerheads has led to an elusiveness of sneakers. Limited edition sneakers, for instance, are a big cash cow for any brand due to this sub-culture.

Sneaker Proxies for That Elusive Pair

Because the shoes have become so hard to find, sneakerheads are usually willing to jump through hoops to get their hands on coveted releases. One way they do this is sneaker copping, which entails waiting for a limited edition to drop, then attempting to make the most purchases possible in the time allocated. Limited edition sneakers only allow one purchase per IP address and this is where sneaker proxies come in.

Being able to make multiple buys within a given period would require one to have access to different IP addresses as provided by sneaker proxies. These types of proxies offer numerous IP addresses equipped and tied to actual locations.

Moreover, effective tools like IPRoyal sneaker proxies offer a safer online shopping experience for sneakerheads or proprietors as they try to get their hands on as many limited edition shoes as possible. After the time limit hits, these shoes will often double in price, making them an investment for anyone who owns them.

An effective sneaker proxy must bear the following qualifications:

  • Multiple IP addresses
  • Speed
  • Ability to bypass geo-restrictions
  • Scalability

Key Takeaways

Sneakers are slowly becoming accepted footwear, not just for leisure but in certain professional settings as well. That coveted pair is elusive but not out of reach. If you’re ready to jump head-first into this subculture, make sure to employ a sneaker proxy to start things on a high note.

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