Important Facts about FACEBOOK – Top 20 Hidden Resources

As you all knows, Facebook is not just a social networking website, but its a brand now. The owner of FACEBOOK is “Mark Zuckerberg“. Facebook was launched on February 4th, 2004. The headquarter office of FACEBOOK is located in Menlo Park, CA, United States.

  1. From this link – you can view the most talked topics of the year 2015 on facebook.
  2. To check news feed you have
  3. To sort feed by top stories, you can visit this link –
  4. To sort feed by most recent updates, you have this link –
  5. For Messages, you can open this link –
  6. For viewing the events –
  7. If you are concerned that your device may have been infected with some kind of malware, you can visit – or
  8. If you think that your FB account has been hacked by someone, then you can secure your account by this link – (This process can help if you account or computer has been compromised)
  9. To check all Login Histories –
  10. To report anything on FACEBOOK regarding malware/spam/harassment etc, visit this link – (Fill out the form and submit it to FB Security Team)
  11. To know about Facebook Community Standards, have this –
  12. With below two links, you can give Feedback to FACEBOOK Community about FB Feature and Help Centre –
  13. If you want to report any Security Issues to FACEBOOK related to then you can report any vulnerability from this link –
  14. To see the friendship page –
  15. To view all Friend Requests –
  16. To get your Access Token and Profile ID –
  17. For Facebook Page Debug –
  18. For all bugs related to FB developers –
  19. For Say thank video –
  20. About Facebook Safety Check –

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