Checklist for performing security testing on web applications

For every businessman, development of website is much important as it acts as a  most important promotional tool for his products and services. By Developing a website means, your website should be secured enough so that no one can break... Read more

Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 211 to 240 Questions with Explanation

211. Which lpc command is used to print a job that is currently on hold? A. release B. enable C. restart D. nohold Answer – – A Description – The release command releases a job that’s on hold. 212. Which... Read more

Every Penetration Tester you should know about this – Rules of Engagement

Penetration testing involves the use of a variety of manual and automated techniques to simulate an attack on an organization’s information security arrangements. One of the key points when managing testers is to understand what they cannot do. An individual... Read more