Linux – Multiple Choice Questions – MCQ – 211 to 240 Questions with Explanation

211. Which lpc command is used to print a job that is currently on hold?

A. release
B. enable
C. restart
D. nohold

Answer – – A
Description – The release command releases a job that’s on hold.

212. Which must be created when manually adding a printer?

A. lock file
B. spool directory
C. queue file
D. job file

Answer – – B
Description – The spool directory must be manually created, and the permissions and ownership must be set.

213. Which command will stop print jobs in the queue from printing?

A. lpq stop all
B. lpq hold all
C. lpc stop all
D. lpc hold all

Answer – – C
Description – The stop all directive must be used with lpc.

214. When doing a lpc status all, you see the following output. What do you enter to restart printing?
Printer Printing Spooling Jobs Server Subserver
Redirect Status/(Debug)
lp@debian disabled enabled 0 none none

A. lpq start all
B. lpc start all
C. lpd reload
D. lpc enable all

Answer – – B
Description – This is the opposite of doing lpc stop and will enable a stopped printing device.

215. Which command would be used to check the printer connection, without going through the printing system?

A. lpr textfile.txt
B. echo textgfile.txt > /dev/lpt0
C. print textfile.txt
D. cat textfile.txt > /dev/lpt0

Answer – – D
Description – This sends a file directly to the interface port.

216. Which daemon spools print jobs to remote print servers?

A. lpq
B. lpd
C. lpr
D. lps

Answer – – B
Description – The lpd daemon is used to send remote print jobs.

217. Which print filter provides a text-mode menu interface?

A. Magicfilter
B. PrintTool
C. Apsfilter
D. LPR Filter

Answer – – A
Description – PrintTool provides an X GUI interface, and Magicfilter has no interface.

218. Which command should be run when the module’s configuration file is edited?

A. depmod -a
B. modprobe -d
C. moddep -a
D. echo 1 > /proc/modules

Answer – – A
Description –Whenever the modules.conf file is modified, you should update the module dependencies by running depmod.

219. A ____________ kernel has everything compiled into the main kernel file.

Answer – – monolithic.
Description – Monolithic kernels have all drivers compiled into the kernel instead of using modules.

220. Which kernel is released under the stable branch?

A. 2.3.14
B. 3.3.14
C. 3.2.14
D. 4.3.13

Answer – – C
Description – The minor version number specifies if the kernel is stable or development.

221. The command modinfo -d sound-driver would display what?

A. Module size
B. Module description
C. If the module is loaded
D. If the module is set as autoclean

Answer – – B
Description – Modinfo is used to display module information. The -d parameter shows the description.

222. Which directive in the module’s configuration file will give the module a new name?

A. alias newname oldname
B. oldname alias newname
C. oldname option=alias newname
D. alias oldname newname

Answer – – D
Description – The alias directive specifies a second name for a module.

223. How many patches would be required to update from kernel 2.1.13 to 2.1.21?

A. 8
B. 7
C. 2
D. 1

Answer – – A
Description – Patches 2.2.14, 2.2.15, 2.2.16, 2.2.17, 2.2.18, 2.2.19, 2.2.20, and 2.2.21 would be required.

224. Which command is used to check the integrity of the kernel source package?

B. MD5

Answer – – D
Description – The kernel sources are signed with GnuPG. This way you can be sure they have not been tampered with.

225. To configure the kernel using the most basic interface, you would type ___________.

Answer – – make config.
Description – This interface provides a simple text mode mechanism for configuring the kernel.

226. The kernel configuration is stored in a file named what?

A. .config
B. config
C. .kconfig
D. kconfig

Answer – – A
Description – The saved kernel configuration is stored in the .config file.

227. The _________ file must be edited if a second kernel is installed on a system.

Answer – – /etc/lilo.conf.
Description – If this file is not edited, the system will not know about the new kernel. Do not forget to run lilo to install the new boot sector.

228. Which command should be run to create a new boot sector when a new kernel is installed?

A. mkinitrd
B. make install
C. lilo
D. kerneld

Answer – – C
Description – Running lilo installs a new boot sector after the lilo.conf file is modified. The mkinitrd command creates an initial ramdisk, if needed. The make install command is used to install compiled software, and Answer D is invalid.

229. Which module directory holds the sound drivers?

A. sound
B. dsp
C. misc
D. media

Answer – – C
Description – The other choices are invalid.

230. Which command(s) will remove all autoclean-able modules?

A. rmmod -r
B. rmmod -a
C. modprobe -r
D. modprobe -a

Answer – – A and C
Description – The rmmod -a command removes all unused modules and the modprobe -a command loads all matching modules.

231. Which command is used to apply kernel patches?

A. update
B. patch
C. upgrade
D. mkinitrd

Answer – – B
Description – Answer –s A and C are invalid. The mkinitrd command is used to create an initial ramdisk image.

232. Which library must be installed to use make menuconfig?

D. ncurses

Answer – – D
Description – TCL/TK is required to run make xconfig.

233. Which library must be installed to use make xconfig?

D. ncurses

Answer – – A
Description – The ncurses library is required for make menuconfig.

234. Which command creates a source code dependency list when compiling a new kernel?

A. depmod
B. make depmod
C. make depend
D. make dep

Answer – – D
Description – The depmod command is used to check module dependencies, after they are compiled.

235. The ________ command lists all currently loaded modules.

Answer – – lsmod.

236. Which menuconfig/xconfig menu has the disk configuration options?

A. Block devices
B. File systems
C. SCSI devices
D. General setup

Answer – – A
Description – Because disks are considered block devices, they are configured under this item.

237. Which file holds the module dependency list (no path)?

Answer – – modules.dep.
Description – The depmod command creates this module dependency list file.

238. Which script is executed when a nonlogin bash shell is started?

A. .bashrc
B. .bash_nologin
C. /etc/profile
D. .cshrc

Answer – – A
Description – Answer – B is invalid. The /etc/profile is read whenever a user logs in, and they do not have a custom profile file. The .cshrc is not used by the bash shell.

239. To get input from a user and place it into a variable named NAME, you would use the ____________ command.

Answer – – read $NAME.
Description – The read command takes input from a user and places it in to variables. The .cshrc is not used by the bash shell.

240. Which command inserts text into vi at the current cursor location?

A. a
B. f
C. T
D. i

Answer – – D
Description – The a command appends text, and can also insert text to the right of the cursor. The other Answers are invalid.

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