15 Important Questions Related to Computer

Important Questions Related to Computer Yeahhub

As our world becomes increasingly digital, computer literacy has become a vital skill in both personal and professional settings. Whether you’re a student, a job seeker, or simply interested in technology, having a basic understanding of computers is essential.

Here are some important questions related to computers that you should know:

1. What is the code with different length-width lines read from the computer called?
Answer: Bar code

2. What is the number of ‘function-key’ in the keyboard?
Answer: 12

3. What is DVD an example of?
Answer: Of optical disc

4. Linux is an example?
Answer: Open Source software

5. Which is the part of CPU, which co-ordinates the activities of all other computer components?
Answer: Control Unit

6. What is the full form of ALU?
Answer: Arithmetic Logic Unit

7. Soft copy is an output, so what is hard copy?
Answer: Printed output

8. Who does the work of carrying information from one unit to another and bringing them back?
Answer: Database

9. What is needed to create an HTML document?
Answer: Text editor

10. Whose collection is the website?
Answer: Web pages

11. What is the meaning of CAD?
Answer: Computer Added Design

12. What is Oracle?
Answer: Database software

13. The point at which data enters or leaves the computer is called?
Answer: Terminal

14. In which generation of computers teleprocessing and time sharing were used?
Answer: Third generation

15. Which software is used to work in computer?
Answer: Application

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