5 key tips to help you win in Apex Legends

If you love battle royale-style games, the chances are high that you may fall in love with Apex Legends. This fast-paced game offers an amazing experience, with a diverse range of heroes with unique skills. However, Apex Legends is also significantly challenging in nature. The popularity of this game has helped it rack up a huge player base, eventually increasing its competitiveness. In case you started playing Apex Legends only recently, it may be quite challenging to win. However, some tips may help improve your performance in this game:

Tips to win Apex Legends

  • Try out all the characters and abilities

One of the imperative reasons behind the popularity of Apex Legends is the range of characters it comes with. Each character offers an ultimate ability, a tactical ability, and a passive ability. These skills make every character unique and suitable for specific purposes. As a new player, you should try out all the characters to find the best one for yourself. After all, not every character is suitable for every playstyle.

Make sure to utilize all the abilities of a character to the fullest. Regardless of which character you choose, the abilities can give you and your squad a major boost. For instance, if you are playing as Lifeline, you can use the healing drones to help your teammates recover their health.

  • Pick weapons and items wisely

Like most battle royale games, Apex Legends allows players to pick up various weapons and other items on the go. However, you can only carry a limited number of items and need to choose what to take. While you would start off with whatever weapons you can find initially, you may eventually swap them for better ones for weapons you are more comfortable with.

The items are available in white, blue, purple, and gold, with the colors indicating value from low to high. Pick up more valuable items for better perks. You might also want to diversify your weapons. For instance, if you pick two short-range weapons, you would face difficulties against enemies out of your range but can shoot you down. Carrying weapons from different categories also helps to reduce the chances of running out of ammo.

  • Coordinate extremely well 

Your chances of winning depend largely on how well your squad communicates. In a large map full of fast-paced action, it can be quite hard to keep track of everything. This is why pro players with a consistent group use voice chats to coordinate in real-time. In this regard, you might want to leverage Apex Legend Hacks from  https://battlelog.co/apex-legends-hacks-cheats-aimbot/ to get valuable information on enemy locations. Even one player using wallhack and apex cheats can greatly benefit the squad.

The game itself offers a comprehensive range of pings to help players coordinate with their teammates too. In Apex Legends, you can use pings to inform your teammates about loot, alert them about enemies and let them know if you are looking for any specific loot.

  • Grow your navigation skills

Winning in Apex Legends takes more than just good fighting skills. Navigating skillfully through the map would give you a tactical advantage. For instance, if there are no enemies very close by, you can holster your weapon to increase your movement speed. Keep in mind that, unlike most games, Apex Legends does not include a fall damage feature. This implies that you can jump off cliffs without losing health.

Memorizing the map would significantly enhance your navigational skills. In specific locations, you may notice large red balloons. You can climb up the lines by holding the action button. Upon getting to the top, reactivate your jetpack to fly down to the map. In case you are using Pathfinder as your character, you may also use your ultimate skill to create a zip line, using which your squad can quickly travel to a different location.

  • Focus on teamwork

In competitive battle royale games like Apex Legends, one simply cannot stress the importance of teamwork enough. Do not be a selfish player and hog all the loot. Sharing stuff with your teammates would help the whole squad. You might also want to choose your character based on what your team needs. Ideally, a good squad should have a proper balance between offensive and defensive characters. If your team already has enough characters with offensive capabilities, consider being a healer to support them.


It is vital to remember that while you need to be aggressive, it is also necessary to play smart. Instead of heading off alone into fights, stick close to your squad. In case a teammate is dead, try to revive him or collect his banner and carry it to a respawn point.

Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful. You can always use hacks like aimbot to get an added advantage against other players.

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