Best Ways to Keep Your Mac as Effective as Possible

With so many people using Macs every day, there are more and more tutorials on how to get the best use of the newest Mac’s functionalities. And those functionalities really are amazing and consistent every year.

But the problem is that with time, even your Mac gets slower, and not only can it not run the newest functionalities the way they should be, but it also becomes less efficient with the features you have used over the years and were completely happy about.

One of the most common factors that slow down a Mac is a pile of unused apps that create additional backup files. So the first thing to do to speed up your Mac is to delete unused apps. Take a look at this uninstallers list from MacPaw and choose one. Furthermore, we will share even more tips to keep your Mac as effective as possible.

Restart And Shut Down Your Man Occasionally

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It is very important to remember to restart your Mac from time to time. We are sure that it is very easy and convenient to close your MacBook and run to the next task in your daily life. But you should always remember to restart it at least sometimes because if you don’t, there will always be some apps running in the background of your Mac and slowing your computer down.

It is also healthy to shut the computer down from time to time – even if you restart your Mac often, it doesn’t shut down fully, so there might still be some apps or other items running in the background and slowing down the processes that are more important for your work and daily life.

Always Remember To Update

As said before, it is very convenient just to close your MacBook and start doing anything else that is planned. With all the rush nowadays, we often forget and overlook essential updates. Surely, you see app updates on your phone and computer every day, but there is not enough time to keep up with everything.

So make time for important updates at least once a week. Have it in mind, that the operating system updates are the most important ones. For example, if your apps are up to date but your macOS has not been updated in a white, the apps and your macOS might just not synchronize, which may lead to apps crashing and even losing important data.

And this example works vice versa. Let’s say you only update the macOS but forget to update your apps. This may lead to the same issues stated before. Because many app updates come just because they need to go along with the newest system requirements; otherwise, the apps might crash.

Have Free Disc Space At All Times

It is very important for a Mac to have enough disc space. Otherwise, it will start running slower. Take time to reorganize your computer and get rid of all the clutter that has been gathered there over the years. Give the most attention to the apps you never use and the files that only take up space and have no added value to you.

If you have an emotional issue of deleting old photos, there is always a solution for that – you do not need to remove something that is important to you just to have some free disc space. Consider investing in an external hard drive where you can keep all your media files.

Another solution is to use a virtual cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. For example, if you choose to use Dropbox and don’t have more than 2 GB of files, you won’t even need to make an investment and purchase the storage space – you can keep and easily access your files up to 2 GB from anywhere completely for free.

Keep Your Mac Cool

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For your computer’s best performance, you need to keep your Mac cool at all times, especially in the summer. This is because if the computer is overheating, it will force the inner fans to start working louder and harder, which is not healthy for your battery and computer.

Keep in mind, that if you are using graphics utilities for macOS, big and heavy tools like that will also heat your Mac even more, so if given a dirty computer, a hot day, and a heavy load of work, a day like this might not end well for your beloved Mac.

To avoid this issue, create a task and reminder to yourself not to only clean the files inside of your Mac but also to clean the outside of the Mac – from all the dust and dirt that gathers on it. And if you live in a place where you tend to have high temperatures during the summer, you might consider investing in a cooling mat for your Mac.

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