Find a Website IP with Python2 and Python3 – [5 Examples]

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language. Python can be ran on almost any OS. While it is not native to Windows machines, it is native to most Linux distributions. The great thing with Python is its flexibility and usefulness in many environments.

Python is not limited to your local machine. You can write Python programs/scripts to interact with other computers, either on your Local Area Network (LAN) or across the Internet. Python can be used to make interactive web pages and some of the best programs.

Python can become addicting! It is easy to learn and easy to code with. Before you continue with this tutorial, please have an urge or push to really start your Python Programming career!

Example 1 – Find Website IP with Python2 (Without any Exception)

Download Link – https://github.com/yeahhub/domain2ip/blob/master/domain2ip1.py

Output –

Example 2 – Find Website IP with Python2 (With Exception)

Download Link – https://github.com/yeahhub/domain2ip/blob/master/domain2ip2.py

Output –

Example 3 – Find Website IP with Python2 (With Socket Method & Colored Module)

Download Link – https://github.com/yeahhub/domain2ip/blob/master/domain2ip3.py

Output –

Example 4 – Find Website IP with Python2 (With Request Method)

Download Link – https://github.com/yeahhub/domain2ip/blob/master/domain2ip4.py

Output –

Example 5 – Find Website IP with Python3 (With Socket Module)

Download Link – https://github.com/yeahhub/domain2ip/blob/master/domain2ip5.py

Output –

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