Neatspy Review: The Best Spy App for Facebook Messenger

Are you considering spying on someone’s Facebook Messenger but you don’t know how? Worry no more. Thanks to phone surveillance apps like Neatspy, you can spy on Facebook Messenger easily.

With Neatspy, you get the best spy app for Facebook Messenger. The app can work on both Android and iOS platforms. Over time, Neatspy has gained a huge customer and now boasts over a million users globally.

Also, Neatspy capabilities have gained the attention of international media outlets like Forbes and CNET. The app is equipped with over 30 phone surveillance features besides spying on Facebook.

To find out what you get with this app and even access demo mode, visit the Neatspy website.

Why is the Neatspy the best spy app?

Neatspy has some of the most amazing surveillance capabilities besides its features. Its design makes it easy to use even for those who don’t have technical skills. Below are some of its outstanding characteristics.

1. Works in stealth

All the surveillance activities in this app occur in secret. Neatspy operations take place in the background to ensure it doesn’t interfere with target device performance. This way, it may it harder for the target to notice.

Also, Neatspy doesn’t require installation on iOS devices. Instead, it uses the iCloud backup to spy on all the activities on these devices. The use of the iCloud backup eliminates the likelihood of your surveillance activities coming out.

Even though on Android devices Neatspy needs installation of the app on the target, it disguises itself. The app after installation automatically deletes its icon and hides in installed apps.

Also, when you are through spying on your target’s Facebook Messenger, you can install the app remotely. All these measures ensure your activities go on discreetly.

2. Root-free and jailbreak-free solution

With Neatspy, you won’t have to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices for the app to work. It overcomes this shortcoming through the use of the latest surveillance technology. Besides, rooting or jailbreaking a device requires skills.

Neatspy is one of the few phone surveillance apps that don’t require these measures. For instance, the app doesn’t require installation on iOS which eliminates the need to jailbreak the target device.

What’s more, the process of jailbreaking or rooting a device compromises its security. Also, it voids the warranty on the device.

3. Safe

Neatspy protects the data privacy of the target device by not accessing data on third-party apps. Also, you are the only individual who can access the content on your Neastpy dashboard.

4. Remote surveillance

With Neatspy, you get to spy on all your target’s Facebook Messenger chats remotely. Neatspy is a web-based phone surveillance app that allows you to spy on your target online. For this, you only need to sign in to Neatspy.

On your Neatspy dashboard, you have access to all the features and different areas of the target device. It is here you can access the Facebook Messenger and other social media apps.

Using Neatspy to spy on Facebook Messenger

To spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger, it takes a few easy steps with Neatspy. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Register for a Neatspy account on its homepage. Neatspy will allow you to choose the operating system of your target device i.e. iOS or Android. As well, subscribe to a plan that meets your needs.

Step 2: Configure the target device. For the Android device, you will need one-time access to the target to install the app. The installation takes a mere 5 minutes.

In the case of an iOS device, no installation necessary. Rather, you will need to provide the Apple ID and password used on the target device. Once you provide them, hit the Verify button.

Step 3: Give Neatspy a few minutes to sync the contents on the target device with your dashboard. After it is done, click the Finish button to exit the setup process. Now, sign in to your Neatspy dashboard.

Step 4: On your Neatspy dashboard, use the scroll panel to the left to access all the features. Here, click the Social App tab, then choose the Messenger option. Neatspy will give you access to all the chats on the FB Messenger.

Why is Neatspy so popular?

Neatspy delivers over 30 phone surveillance features to its users. These features can spy on virtually all aspects of the target device. Here are some of them:

1. Social media surveillance

With Neatspy, you get to spy on all the popular social media apps. Chief among them is Facebook and Facebook Messenger. The app allows you to access all the chats and posts on these platforms.

Neatspy also archives all the social media activities on its server. This allows you to access even deleted chats and posts on these platforms. Also, the app allows you to spy on text messages.

2. Location surveillance

Tracking a device’s location is a popular feature in all surveillance apps. Best of all, Neatspy allows you to spy on the location history of the device. It gives you details such as GPS coordinates and street addresses.

What’s more, you get to spy on the real-time location of the device. Neatspy includes a geofence feature that you can use to define a virtual boundary for the target device.

This allows Neatspy to send notifications when the target crosses the virtual boundary.

3. Keylogger

With Neatspy keylogger, you get to spy on all the keystrokes made on the target device. The app can even spy on personal details like usernames and passwords used on the device.

To make it easy to access the keystrokes, Neatspy groups them by app.


Neatspy is one of the popular surveillance apps that let you spy on Facebook Messenger. As a reliable and reputable app, it doesn’t require technical skills to use the app. What’s more, it is compatible with iOS and Android.