All You Need To Know About eCommerce Scraping

What Is eCommerce Scraping?

Commercial platforms are the main sources of product information. Given the constant information flow, you can know more about products now than ever before. You may get the data about the price, details, images, and so on. You also may have an idea where any particular product has been manufactured. Moreover, there are details on shipping as well. So, it’s clear that from these platforms, you can get any detail both on your product and one of the competitors.

Here comes the scraping tool that helps to extract all required information from these commercial sites. Scraping commercial sites is extracting information from various platforms and converting it into a more convenient format to be used for practical purposes, one of which is to promote your own business. Actually, web scraping isn’t considered quite recent, but scraping such sites has become trendy. But how much scraping will help?

Price Intelligence: one of the most known business techniques is the monitoring of the prices. Here, the most important aspect is to keep up with the competitive market. Let’s say you plan to sell shoes, so you’ll need to have to set prices, and one of the most common practices is to scrape commercial sites so that you can compare your product prices with those of competitors. Simply put, acquiring information regarding the prices of the products you plan to promote will help you set your own pricing strategies.

Doing research: why not understand your target audience? In other words, scraping may help you with an understanding of new trends and the needs of customers. Once you get the idea of what your customers’ desires can be, you might come up with possible offers. You can scrape the information and reviews of the customers about a particular brand that you may want to promote and understand them, so-called sentiment analysis. It’s not only about understanding what they want, but you may have an idea of the attitude to a particular product that may belong to you, which, in turn, may help to enhance all lacking sides of your products. eCommerce scraping makes an understanding of the market easier.

Analysis of SEO: one of the most known trends in promoting any site or shop online is definitely with search engine manipulations. If you are aware of SEO techniques, you may come up with better-promoting techniques. It’s clear that your competitors are aware of this technique and know what keywords to employ to make their sites rank among the best. So, with scraping software, you may become one of those whose shop or products will rank among the best and will have a chance to take part in a competitive market. Also, with scraping, you can get an idea of how to use your meta tags, titles, and related keywords more efficiently.

Lead generation: what do you know about attracting the audience? With lead generation, you don’t only attract possible customers, but you may appeal to the people who can be interested in your product. Thus, when promoting your products, you will need the list of contacts of the people who can be interested in your product, and thus, scraping can provide you with such information of possible contacts, or better say, leads. Moreover, with scraping with the purpose of lead generation, you can access the data of people who have visited your shop or shown interest in your products.

No doubt there can be many benefits of web scraping tools. But, what is the piece of information that you can scrape from these sites? Here’s the list of such data:

  • product list: this information provides the full list you can acquire and see the product variations as well.
  • customer reviews: besides having the full list of the products, you may have a look at what customers think about particular products.
  • product ranking: another interesting way to look at the products is to see them in the ranking, and have a glance at those outstanding and what makes them so appealing to customers.
  • product prices: with price intelligence, you may access the data regarding the prices and set your own pricing strategy or come with pricing modifications of your own products.
  • profiles of customers: accessing the list of customers with their emails can ease your business as you’ll be able to reach the needed audience.

Since eCommerce is a challenging task, such sites do their best to hinder scraping activities online with preventive tools. So, there are some tips on how to perform scraping more efficiently:

  • use of multiple proxies can be a good idea, as sending requests from one IP address may be the reason for banning and blocking.
  • use of private proxies is another great technique as public ones aren’t as fast and efficient as private proxies.
  • human behavior emulation can be critical, as the sites using complex algorithms may easily detect bots online.
  • -stay anonymous by spoofing headers is another interesting trick to avoid being detected and blocked by the site.
  • backing up URL addresses is another practical solution as your scraping tool may crush at an unexpected place, and to avoid doing everything again, backing up the URL addresses may give you an idea of where the process has been cut.

Of course, there is more than all the above mentioned. But, one thing is clear that doing everything manually can be problematic, especially in the case of eCommerce scraping. Thus, it’s better to have professional help from many services. Why not benefit from our MyDataProvider that will make your scraping process smooth and more efficient. We promise a hassle-free process to get all the information you need to promote your own business. We know how to approach scraping to get you all you need