No One is Safe from the Data Breach Epidemic

Data Breach happens when your data is stolen without your knowledge and used for a malicious purpose. The data breach is the most hazardous danger every one of us faces in the digital world. Here are a few shocking examples of the Data Breach and how it compromised even the most secure systems.

Prying Through A Child

A police officer in the NYPD was working on a critical case. He usually kept all the essential data in his study, which he shared with his eight-year-old son. The child played video games from the same room as it got a better signal using another laptop.

A spammer befriended the child through a video game and promised to give him scores of benefits in the game for free, like the power to cross a particular level the child struggled to get past. The spammer asked the child to note and tell him his father’s computer password.

The shrewd inspector used 8 level encryption and got an alert on his mobile as soon as the hacker attempted to use the password. He tracked the culprits and the team behind them swiftly. But he was taken aback to know they turned his child against him right under his monitoring. The child did not have any idea he committed such a blatant crime that might have cost his father his job.

Using a Maid’s Innocence

A maid working in a high-security bungalow was tired of killing bugs that frequent the living room on certain seasons. Since the house had an enormous garden and the netted gate was often left open to enjoy the view, she had difficulty keeping the bugs away, smashing them, and cleaning up afterward.

She used to search online constantly for a solution to the bug problems. She got approached by a polite salesman who showed her a unique device that will keep away all the bugs from the area, emitting signals that human ears couldn’t detect.

The maid got over ten devices from him and placed them in every nook and corner of the living room, unintentionally bugging the place in an attempt to keep away actual bugs. The devices were micro-cameras that detected every activity in the house.

After a week, she noted that the devices did not work during a particular time when the bungalow owner conducted meetings with his colleagues. She mentioned it to the owner’s wife, who checked the devices immediately.

The devices did not work at a particular time because the owner turned on a powerful jammer during his high-profile meetings in the house. The camera recorded the house proceedings when the jammer was off and transmitted the data to a criminal group.

Quick police action helped the family in tracing the culprits and arresting them. The incident was an example of how even the most secure premises get penetrated easily. The cybercriminals followed the maids browsing habits and coerced her into becoming their unknown accomplice.

It is important to educate every person in the house, including the service staff, regarding the dangers of data breaches and the potential harm they might cause to the house’s safety.

Beware of Digital Spying

Digital spying is a common term used for a plethora of crimes. Digital spying includes a premise getting bugged, monitored through an unknown camera, or tracing online activities. Digital spying is the most common form of a data breach happening in numerous institutions.

Online digital spying leads to the loss of personal data, financial data, and medical data. Offline digital intelligence gathers important habits and traits about a person that are later used to harass them in various forms.

An unsuspecting mother of a high-profile scientist got a special gift when she visited a mall wearing a particular colored dress. She happily placed the decorative object on the showcase of the house.

The device got activated at night when the mother and the scientist were alone and jammed all contact with the outer world, disrupting mobile signals, landline phone, intercoms, and even emergency contact buttons.

Thugs then broke into the house quickly and held the scientist at gunpoint to gather sensitive information about his research. Luckily, the scientist had a backup, an alarm that would sound and alert the local police station if all his defense mechanisms went down for more than five minutes.

The police arrived at the last minute to save the scientist and his mother. But the scientist was seriously injured and had to be hospitalized as the thugs tried to harm him, angered by the sudden police intervention.

It is essential to check whether the things we receive for free are real and the people we contact are legitimate. Use the Nuwber website to check the details of every stranger you want to befriend. Maintain your contacts with them only if they are honest people.

Do not disclose your personal information offline or online unnecessarily. Use fake ID, date of birth, and place of birth in social media accounts. Use the actual data only in trusted websites that provide core services like legal help or financial services.

Always use high-end encryption for your password and credit cards. Never under assume the importance of your data and digital tracks. Who would have imagined an 8-year-old child or the loyal housemaid would be used as bait to steal sensational information?

Data breach happens every day and every minute in various forms. We live under the all-seeing eyes of the dark web, which mercilessly tries to make money. Take all precautions necessary to stay safe and always stay alert. Take advantage of every new technology getting discovered to keep you safe.

Keep yourself and the people around you educated regarding the data breach, what sort of danger it poses, what precautions to take, and how to react after a breach seeking the right help. No person can be too careful about the data breach epidemic. But, you can certainly equip yourself to fight it with all your might to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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