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Types of Cyber Crimes

Cyber security means securing the cyberspace from attack and economic espionage. Cyberspace is interconnectedness of IT infrastructure such as Internet, Telecom networks, computer systems etc. In 3rd Global Cybersecurity Index released by the ITU, India slipped to 47th rank in 2018 from 23rd in 2017. Types of Cyber crimes – 1. Cyber defamation: It is […]


Top 40 Interview Questions – Information Security | CEH

This article presents various questions you’re likely to be asked by various employers when you interview for a job position after the completion of CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker). What is the difference between encoding, encryption and hashing? What is the difference between proxy, firewall, IDS, and IPS? How does asymmetric encryption work? How does SSL work? […]


Top 40 XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Revision Questions with Answers

The below questions and answers are designed to both measure your understanding of the concepts of XSS -Cross Site Scripting Attacks and Prevention. Q1: What is the difference between HTML Injection and XSS? A: Both of them refer to exactly the same thing. In one of the situations, the attacker injected valid HTML tags, while […]


50 questions you need to know about Professional Penetration Testing | FAQ

Those of us who have conducted or participated in a penetration test will understand that tools are not the only thing necessary to successfully complete a PenTest. Methodologies are essential for ensuring that the assessor identifies all vulnerabilities within the client’s network. 1Q: I don’t have any experience in professional penetration testing, which keeps me […]


40 Cyber Security MCQ with Answers and Explanations

The following multiple-choice questions are just a Warm-up Questions for you which are as follows: 1. Why would a hacker use a proxy server? A. To create a stronger connection with the target. B. To create a ghost server on the network. C. To obtain a remote access connection. D. To hide malicious activity on […]