Subdomain Bruteforcing with SubBrute

SubBrute is one of the most popular sub-domain brute forcing tool through which we can easily enumerate the best possible sub-domains of any domain along with all DNS records.

It is one of the fastest sub-domain enumeration tool based on python language.

The best thing about SubBrute is that, it uses open resolvers as a kind of proxy to circumvent DNS rate-limiting and it does not send traffic directly to the target’s name servers. More than 2,000 high quality nameservers were added to resolvers.txt, these servers will resolve multiple queries in under 1 sec.

To install SubBrute, you can directly use the following command:

Command: git clone

To use this tool, just open the terminal and type “python

To save the output in a file, you can use the -o parameter followed by the name of the file where you want to save the output/result.

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