Python Scripting: Information Gathering and Automating Ethical Hacking

Security is an illusion and delusion too. In the field of Security, types of professionals exist a) Black Hat, b) White Hat and c) Gray Hat. Black Hats are the lads who creep the industry with the luminescent intelligence also... Read more

Th3Inspector – Open Source Information Gathering Tool

Within the vast sea of the Internet, targets are easy to find. Most all networks advertise the Internet service provider (ISP) they depend on as well as their design, configuration, hardware types, and potentially vulnerable holes. Keep in mind that most of... Read more

Subdomain Bruteforcing with SubBrute

SubBrute is one of the most popular sub-domain brute forcing tool through which we can easily enumerate the best possible sub-domains of any domain along with all DNS records. It is one of the fastest sub-domain enumeration tool based on... Read more