Top 10 Features – Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Must See)

Windows 10 is one of the most stable and secured operating system ever released from Microsoft and now this time by 17th October, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (10 AM P.T) across the world.

This new fall creators update will definitely provides you a high quality experience. For the best experience, we recommend you to wait until Windows 10 is automatically offered to your device otherwise you can easily update your current windows to latest i.e. Fall Creators Update by clicking <Update Now> Link.

Once the download is complete, it will firstly check whether your PC/Machine is compatible with this update or not. If all goes well, then your update will ready to install, you can pick the right time to finish the installation and reboot.

Top 10 Features (Windows 10 Fall Creators Update) –

Here are the top 10 features which you can easily see in windows 10 latest update are as follows:

1. Windows Mixed Reality

With Windows Mixed Reality, you can experience beautiful things like touring top travel destinations, getting inside the most exciting games, attending the most popular events etc. You just need a compatible headset which starts from as low as $399.

2. Reimagined Photos App

This app will gives you the ability to add more features like Filters, Text, 3D Effects and even digital ink to the photos/videos for great styling with custom soundtracks, themes and transition effects. You just need to select 2-3 photos and convert all into a video with Photos App and share it with your friends by just a single click.

3. Mixed Reality Viewer

With this feature, you can see 3D objects, either from website or you can create your own 3D objects with Paint 3D tool which enhances your actual surroundings.

4. Taskbar Pinned Feature

In this, you can easily pin/stick your top people to the taskbar for one-click access and can directly send an email or even skype chat with your favorite members (emoji’s also available) without opening the app. Second most interesting thing is that you can easily share your files directly with your pinned contacts in your taskbar.

5. Voice-Activated Cortana

Cortana is one of the awesome feature in every Windows 10 Edition and in addition to this fall creators update, you’ll get voice-activated power commands through which you can easily send your instructions like to Restart, Shut down or sleep your PC.

6. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new browser specially built for Windows 10 which is more faster and safer than Internet Explorer. And in Fall Creators Update, you’ll get variety of new features in Edge browser like when you select text, you have a whole lot of new options to personalize your books and can add highlights, underline and even add comments into that.

After that you can even pinned down your most favorite websites into taskbar for instant access and even can edit the URL of your favorite websites.

7. Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store comes up with a new logo in latest update with a bunch of new applications like games, entertainment and education apps which will gives you an amazing experience for sure.

8. More Security

Security is one of the most important aspect especially when we talk about Ransomware Virus. In the month of May 2017, approx more than 2 millions systems were targeted by WannaCry Ransomware throughout the world. For better protection against these kinds of attacks, you’ll see a new feature Exploit Guard in Windows Defender application.

9. PC Gaming

In latest update, you can easily toggle your machine into Gaming Mode by a single click and will get most amazing features like Mixer Broadcasting. After that Windows Task Manager also shows information about the graphics hardware and performance of your system while in Gaming Mode.

10. 3D in Office

From desktop to web for Macs and PCs, Microsoft Office always delivers the best tools to get the work done and now in fall creators update, you’ll can experience 3D Features which helps you to increase the visual and creative impact with 3D objects in your Powerpoint presentations, Word and even in Excel documents.

You can easily rotate and resize the 3D object model and can add various kinds of transitions into it.

Visit your local Microsoft Store to experience the new Fall Creators Update (Windows 10) with Free Demos/Workshops from experts, including free consultations to determine if your device/machine is eligible for this update or not.

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