Using Proxies for Web Scraping: How-to, Types, Best Practices

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Any substantial web scraping process requires the use of proxies. There are many benefits to including proxies in your scraping application.

What number of proxies will you need for your project? Which proxies you require and how to handle residential proxies will be discussed in this post.

How does a proxy server work?

A proxy server acts as a middleman between the client and the server. However, proxies are most frequently used to mask the IP address of clients. Other uses for proxies include streamlining connection routes (identity). This ruse can disperse traffic among various identities or access geographically restricted content (such as websites only accessible in a particular country).

Because several connections from the same identity can be quickly identified as non-human connections, proxies are frequently used in web scraping to avoid being blocked.

Benefits of using Proxies for Web Scraping

Proxy servers are necessary for most online scraping projects—all but the simplest ones, maybe. Find out why by looking at the benefits.

  • Avert IP bans

If you make many requests with the same IP address at exactly the same time, or if you engage in other non-human behavior, the website may identify you as a bot. When that occurs, it might immediately reject any upcoming requests from it by blocking your IP or perhaps permanently banning it. In this situation, proxies are essential since you can always count on a new one if the first one is prohibited.

  • Make regionally specific content accessible.

Businesses who use internet scraping for marketing and sales may wish to keep an eye on what websites are offering for a certain location in order to offer suitable product features and prices.

The crawler can access all of the content in the chosen region by using residential proxies with IP addresses from that region. Additionally, requests that originate in the same area appear less suspicious and are, therefore, less likely to be blocked.

The majority of e-commerce websites operate in this manner, automatically displaying the version of the site optimized for the user’s location. Proxy servers are preferable since you can frequently alter the website’s location manually; a web scraper might be unable to.

  • Allows high-volume scraping.

It is impossible to detect webpage scraping programmatically. However, the more activity a scraper has, the easier it will be to trace that activity. Scrapers, for instance, ran the danger of being found out and blocked if they repeatedly browse the same website too quickly or at specified times of the day. Proxy servers offer privacy and let you access more websites simultaneously, whether they are the same or different.

  • Browse in privacy

Likely, you wouldn’t want to reveal the identity of your device, given the nature of web scraping. Your private IP address may be traced, you may be targeted with advertisements, or you may even be prevented from accessing the website if a website recognizes your identity. By using a proxy such as 911proxy, you can utilize the proxy server’s IP address rather than your own.

How many proxies are needed?

Using the following calculation, one can determine the number of proxy servers required to accomplish the advantages mentioned earlier: Access requests made by proxies equal the rate of web crawls.

Access request volume is determined by

  • Web pages that the user wants to crawl.
  • How often is a webpage crawled by a scraper? An online resource might be crawled, for instance, once each minute, hour, or day.

How to set up your proxy management?

Creating a personal proxy pool for web scraping is one aspect of the problem. You still face the danger of having your IPs blocked, redirected, or banned even with effective and proactive maintenance of this pool. Given how professional websites have become at thwarting scraping, simply creating a big pool of proxies might not be sufficient.

In-house proxies protect data privacy and allow the participating engineers total control. However, developing an internal proxy takes time and requires skilled engineering staff to create and manage the proxy solution. As a result, most organizations opt to use pre-made proxy solutions such as lumiproxy.


From well-structured, data-driven strategies based on proper web scraping, numerous enterprises and companies have produced innovations and generated top-notch products. The issue of having your IP restricted exists despite web scraping’s huge potential. Using proxies to access the target websites you want to scrape data from will help you overcome this obstacle.

Utilizing web scraping proxy servers is primarily done to hide your source’s IP address. But as you’ve undoubtedly realized by this point, they do more than merely conceal the IP address. They can drastically change the game for your company if it is not currently using them.

Using proxies can be quite advantageous whether you are scraping web pages on a local scale or at an enterprise level.

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