Smartphones – The Magic That Has Changed Our Daily Lives


How have smartphones changed our lives?

Research shows that 74% of the population in Europe actively uses smartphones. This figure coincides with the average for all countries. However, we have room to grow – South Korea is considered the most mobile with 94%. Nevertheless, smartphones have become an integral part of everyday life. Every year, they get additional features that make them even more convenient and valuable. We will tell you exactly how smartphones have influenced human life.

Indeed, you have heard the joke that voice calls have become a mauve ton in the XXI century. Smartphones have opened up new ways of communication and entertainment for us. For example, the IPL Win app has become one of the most popular downloads in the gambling and slots category. And earlier, we could not imagine spinning slots from home, in the park and even in the transport. 


Thanks to smartphones, a vast number of messengers have appeared in the world, including the popular Viber and WhatsApp. Both personal and professional accounts exist in them. By sending just a few words, you can make an appointment for a haircut, order a pizza and call a cab to the entrance of your house.

But voice calls aren’t a thing of the past completely. Smartphones have made them more prosperous, enjoyable and convenient thanks to VoLTE, VoWi-Fi and other technologies. High-speed mobile communications have significantly improved the sound quality of conversations.

Already in the early 2010s, smartphones with two SIM cards became fashionable, significantly expanding the available communications list. They allow you to choose the best tariff plans for conversations with friends, relatives and colleagues, for communication in the home region and when travelling, for calls and internet connection.

High-performance smartphones have also offered a new form of virtual conversations. You can convey different emotions by creating a digital character based on your photo—one picture instead of a thousand words.

Photos and videos

Remember those times when you had to take bulky cameras on vacation? If you dig even deeper, you can talk about film development, backlit pictures and other problems of the 1990s. Fortunately, smartphones have saved us most of the hassle.

To take a photo, you must tap the touchscreen several times. Cameras with a resolution of 20 megapixels or more take incredibly sharp and realistic shots that used to be seen only in glossy magazines. And built-in processing tools let you eliminate noise, add colour or emphasize the depth of black.

In 2016-2017, many smartphones acquired dual cameras. They started taking portraits with bokeh effects, almost as good as professional cameras. Then, the number of lenses continued to increase. Today, a single device can take pictures of many genres: close-ups and wide-angle panoramas, with background blurring or excellent subject detail.

However, the most significant impetus for development was given to amateur video shooting. Today, everyone can capture an exciting event and share it with friends – for this purpose, there are such services as YouTube. Smartphones can also be used to record cinematic quality video – models with 4K camera resolution and optical stabilization are suitable for this purpose.


Why waste time and money going to the theatre when you can watch a movie on your favourite device that fits in your pocket? Dozens of online services provide video on demand. You can watch Hollywood blockbusters, timeless classics, and current novelties by connecting to them.

Having tracked these trends, manufacturers began to offer smartphones with large screens. When the diagonal of displays exceeded 6 inches, there was no need to complain about the small picture. Then came devices with elongated widescreen displays that made the immersive movie experience even more complete and comprehensive.


In the 21st century, relying on chance is optional. You can plan the details in advance when you go on a trip. 

  • GPS and GLONASS satellite services will plot your route; 
  • Google Maps will suggest the best places and tourist attractions; 
  • numerous online services will help you book a hotel room or an apartment.

Want a little extreme in an unfamiliar country? No problem – specialized sites will provide access to the services of guides. After that, it’s just one step away from multi-day hiking, hang gliding and mountain climbing. Smartphones erase boundaries and make the world accessible to everyone.

Of course, modern devices quickly use up the available battery power. But unpleasant situations can be avoided if you choose models with a more than 5000 mA*h battery capacity. It will be enough for active use of navigation and other services throughout the weekend. Two days isn’t enough? Then, take a high-capacity portable battery with you on your travels.



Leave your wallet at home! A smartphone replaces it with NFC support. A special antenna allows the device to exchange information with a bank terminal, confirming the withdrawal of funds from the account. One touch will be enough – after that, a confirming symbol will appear on the screen, and in a few seconds, you will become the owner of the selected goods.

NFC smartphones are used for payment in stores, cafés and gas stations. Today, paying for travel in the subway and other public transportation with them is possible. This way of payment even appears in vending machines – you no longer need to look for small money to buy a candy bar or a bottle of water.


A couple of years ago, virtual worlds belonged only to the owners of powerful computers. Today, access to them has become much more manageable. Thus, the famous Fortnite and PUBG have long existed in smartphone versions. The number of mobile gamers is growing every month.

Of course, running games still require a powerful device. However, a smartphone with a processor of 2 GHz and 4-8 GB RAM is much cheaper than a high-performance computer. Thanks to this, any gamer can be found online – from schoolchildren to older adults.

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