Top 10 PHP Project Ideas for Beginners only – 2017

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is widely used open source programming language. It can easily embedded into HTML and mainly used with MYSQL Databases.
With PHP you can develop dynamic web pages with database connectivity and can easily control all the functions.

If you have been learning PHP recently, it can be a bit difficult to figure out what you want to build to try out your new skills. We’ve decided to create a list of possible project ideas to inspire you, and help you improve your PHP knowledge.

  1. Dynamic Website
    Start with a basic design which includes a header and footer and allow each page to modify the necessary information like Title Tag, Navigation Links etc.
  2. Todo/Tasks List
    Create a Todo/Task list which allows you to see all tasks on that list. Apply Modify and Delete functionality into it and also apply Assign Feature to it for more usability.
  3. Contacts List
    Design a contacts lists page that stores information of people like Name, Age, Address, Website, Profile Pic etc and implement a search functionality into it.
  4. Quiz
    Develop a simple multiple choice quiz, then give the user’s results and also allow the user to see which questions they got wrong and show the correct answer. For advanced version, you can implement a RANDOM Quiz Functionality or Time Based Quiz.
  5. Rating
    Develop a site where users/visitors can rate the things out of 5 stars and also implement unique feature so that a user can only be able to rate once based on either sessions or with cookies.
  6. Photo Gallery
    Develop a simple photo gallery page that allows you to display photos in List or Grid Format(with small thumbnails and implement a photo zoom feature). For Advance Version, you can also develop a Admin panel for this where an administrator can manage each and every thing and allow visitors/guests to comment and rate according to the things they like/feel.
  7. Shoutbox/Guestbook
    Develop a shoutbox/guestbook that allows people to say something and visible each comment instantly. It should store the user’s name, email and message in a database. For Advanced version, Implement Security policies so that no one can post malicious content into your form and limit the no of messages per page and add pagination feature etc. You can also implement the Moderation system so that only an administrator can approve the message based on the originality of the content.
  8. Contact Form
    Create a contact form that allows people to contact you. The contact form should have fields like name, email address, subject, message. When the user clicks “send” it should send an email to your desired email address. For Advanced Version, you can implement AJAX Functionality so that a user can instantly see the success/error message and also try to integrate Validation with JQUERY and Javascript. For more, you can also add SMTP functionality for sending messages.
  9. Calendar/Event Scheduler
    Create a calendar that allows you to switch to different months and years. Your calendar should display different events on a specific day or days. Allow An Administrator to manage all the things like Edit/Add/Delete Events based on the requirement of a user.
  10. Membership System
    Develop a membership system that allows people to register and login into their account. You can also add other features like Forget password, OTP, Two-Factor Authentication or Login via SOCIAL Sites such as FB, Twitter or Linkedin etc. For Advanced Version, Integrate Activation Feature so that only an administrator can approve the account via email or via token or something, Allow users to interact with other users via some Quick Chat or via Messages or via Help Desk thing.

For any kind of query or doubt, feel free to contact us at or you can also look out our tutorial series to learn Complete PHP Language.

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