Complete Htaccess Guide 2017 – Tips and Tricks

In this article, We’ll discuss about htaccess tips & tricks related to website security, optimization, SEO and redirects in detail. All the codes in this article has been tested multiple times in various websites & servers but please keep in mind that some hosts place specific restrictions on this file access and functionality, but on […]


Top 5 Mobile App Testing Tools – Featured 2017

1. AFE – Android Framework for Exploitation, is a framework for exploiting android based devices. They’ve been in the security field from past 5 years and having a strong enthusiastic team behind Appknox( whose headquartered in India. Currently they have 4 premium packages i.e. Lite Edition, Essential Edition, Premium Edition and Enterprise Edition. Github Link […]


HTML – Questions With Answers – 1 to 25 Questions – SET 1

Q1. What is a web browser? Answer – A web browser is a software program that runs on your computer and enables you to view web pages. Q2. What does HTML stand for? Answer – HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Q3. Identify the various parts of the following URL: ___________://___________________/___________/___________/_______________ Answer – The […]