HTTP Connections Marked as Insecure from now onward – Firefox/Chrome

As you might knows, the latest version of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has been released but here is one surprise for all users.

The Latest Version of Google Chrome is 56 and for Firefox is Version 51. You can download both browsers from their official website.

So from now onward, both browsers will mark HTTP connections as INSECURE if you post some senstive information in HTTP channel.

You’ll see a non-secure mark(icon) on HTTP websites if it contains some kind of FORM specially which contains password fields or credit card fields like Name, CVV No, Credit Card Number etc.

This is a great step towards security for all of us because with HTTP Protocol, the data can easily be tampered and the session cookies can be hijacked with MITM attacks.

In future version of Firefox, they will introduce a warning immediately adjacent to the password box itself whenever it goes through HTTP channel. Chrome currently indicates HTTP connections with a neutral indicator. This doesn’t reflect the true lack of security for HTTP connections. As you also knows Chrome browser is little bit slow in speed as compared with Firefox Browser so here are some tips for you to fast up your chrome browser by 10 times.

HTTP protocol works on PORT 80 and HTTPS protocol works on 443. HTTP always operates at Application layer and HTTPS operates at Transport layer.

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