Get Fast your GOOGLE CHROME Browser by 10 Times

As you all knows, google chrome is one of the best browser in today’s time but from past 4-5 months, many users facing so many problems regarding RAM Consuming, Slow Speed, Hangout etc..

So here are some tips and tricks which will increase your speed of chrome browser.

1. Make sure that your browser is upto date, to forcefully update you can type “chrome://help” in your address and follow all the steps one by one.

2. Remove unwanted Extensions which you’ve installed and only keep the best chrome extensions for productivity, for this you have to type “chrome://extensions” in your top address bar and remove all the unwanted extensions which you don’t need.

3. Remove all unwanted plugins, For this you have to type “chrome://plugins” in your address bar and disable the plugins which are unwanted.

4. You can also control your tabs with many extensions like “Tab Wrangler“, “One Tab” and “The Great Suspender“. As the no of tabs you open, it will increase the RAM Usage of your system which actually slow down the speed of your chrome browser.

5. You can also install the “DATA SAVER” extension which actually compress and optimize all webpages before to send to server and will deliver you the lightly version of output in your browser.


6. Close the browser when you are not using or you are idle. It actually saves your 50% of System RAM. You can also set the option “Continue where you left off” by typing “chrome://settings” in your address bar to saves the previously opened tabs.

7. Always use DEFAULT Theme, as it consumes less RAM.

8. Type “Chrome://flags” in your address bar and enable FAST TAB/WINDOWS CLOSE option. This will actually speeds up your chrome browser by allowing it to close windows separate to any JS code that might be running or stucked.

9. If you still feeling that your speed is slow, then i would recommend you to type “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData” in your address bar which clear your all recent cache and then will restart the browser.

10. Last but not least, make sure that your system is fully cleaned from all spywares or malwares, if you feel that your system is infected with some type of malware then i would suggest you to run “Google Software Removal Tool” which will scan/remove all the malware from your system or alternatively you can use ANTI MALWAREBYTES Tool.

If you want to meet your requirements efficiently then you can develop your own custom browser extension as well. Custom chrome extension development is also a good choice if we have any explicit requirements and want to fulfil it.

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