3 Best Ways to View Someone’s Text Messages Anonymously

Whether you’re a lover who’s worried about being cheated on or a parent who simply wants to know what their child is up to, there’s so much you can find out in people’s text messages. However, no one’s just going to hand over their phone so that you can view text messages. That is why we’ll show you the 3 best ways to view someone’s text messages without their knowledge.

Use mSpy to Read Others’ Text Messages

Spy apps are perhaps the most effective way to read people’s text messages anonymously. Such software can help you track both incoming and outgoing text messages on people’s phones. They work remotely, so the victims will most certainly not find out. All you need to do is install the app on the phone you wish to track. Once installed successfully, you’ll be able to read the person’s text messages from the app’s Control Panel on your phone.

Apart from tracking text messages, spy apps can also track messages on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can also monitor the person’s location and harvest their login details on various websites using the keylogger feature. Spy apps aren’t free. You’ll need to pay for a subscription. But apps like mSpy are affordable and represent a good value for money.

Use FREEforward App

FREEforward is an app that can be used to monitor people’s text messages. This app is similar in some ways to spy apps. However, many limitations make it far less efficient. Like spy apps, you’ll need to install FREEforward on the phone you wish to monitor. This allows you to receive a copy of the message they receive and their call logs as well. Unfortunately, this app doesn’t work remotely. This means the person you’re monitoring will see the app on their phone and know they’re being monitored.

Apart from the lack of stealth mode, this app also has limited features. You won’t be able to monitor social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. If you want to monitor someone remotely, this is probably not the app for you. Unless the person knows next to nothing about apps on their phones and how they got there, your efforts will most likely be found out.

Use the Mobile Operator Feature

This method is restricted to only a few service providers. If the person you want to read their text message is using T-Mobile or Vodafone, you may be in luck because they’ve been known to provide users with an online dashboard. This dashboard is where the phone’s SIM can be easily managed.

On the dashboard, you can manage both calls and text messages. However, most mobile operators don’t reveal full-text messages on the dashboard. But they display the phone numbers and a small portion of the message. This is usually enough to identify the content of the message and the sender.

To get this method to work, you’ll need unrestricted access to the person’s phone for a few minutes. With the victim’s phone in your possession, create an account and get it verified. The user will receive the verification message on their phone. This is why you need to have the phone while registering a new account. Once you have verified the profile, you should be able to monitor the owner’s messages on the dashboard without their knowledge.


If you’ve been reading carefully, you would agree that spy apps are the best option for reading people’s text messages without their knowledge. The chances of getting caught are low, and they provide way more information than just text messages. If you’re serious about finding out what your partner or child is hiding, you can’t do any better than a spy app.

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