4 Spy Apps to Take the Edge off Snapchat Usage – Expert Review 2023

Life without Snapchat seems unfathomable in today’s world. People use them to share their daily life updates, quick shots of their camera roll, and even send a message or two to their friends.

However, as with anything, people, particularly young children, are abusing Snapchat and ignoring the harm it may cause them if they are not careful. Parents can try to intervene and teach them about the dangers of Snapchat but we all know how single-minded children can be, and attempting to control them will only push them to use Snapchat more just to annoy them.

As a result, a more cautious approach would be a significant intervention. You don’t have to take away their access to Snapchat; instead, manage it so they don’t use it to sext or ignore their educational responsibilities.

And the best way to do so is to keep track of how children spend their time on Snapchat by using a remote Snapchat spying app. Today I will review the 4 best Snapchat spy apps and give my conclusive opinion on which one you should go for.

But first, let’s take a look at the reasons that make Snapchat monitoring absolutely necessary.

Why Monitoring Snapchat is So Crucial?

If you’ve ever used social media, you know it’s riddled with false information and sexual content, especially on Snapchat. It causes a wide range of issues for teenagers and young children. They may be preoccupied with homework, errands, or family responsibilities but can get easily distracted when they get a notification of their friend posting a Snapchat story.

These distractions affect children’s academic performance, mental development, and social behavior. Casually swiping through a few of your friends’ Stories on Snapchat provides a quick dopamine hit, making the app highly addictive, and before you know it, the sun is about to set.

And the fact that Snapchat stories are only available for 24 hours makes consumers feel compelled to read them as soon as possible before they disappear forever. It makes children more impulsive and keeps them on the platform for longer periods of time.

Then there is the issue of the abundance of sexual content on the platform. The abundance of sexually explicit content on Snapchat can be explained by celebrities sharing links to their adult content websites or OnlyFans account. This content is made for adults and specifically for males. If young kids stumble upon such material, it can give them a distorted view of relationships and sex.

Cyberstalking and cyberbullying are common on social media. The illegal act of harassing or stalking someone online via the Internet or other digital media is known as cyberstalking and is significantly easier on Snapchat because of Anonymous mode. Users can make anonymous profiles or use false names and send threatening messages to someone they know on Snapchat.

Now that we have seen the dangers that Snapchat presents its users, let’s look at the best apps that help minimize its usage.

Top 4 Apps To Monitor Snapchat

Here are our top 4 apps that can make Snapchat monitoring easy.


XNSPY is a remote Snapchat spying app that tracks the app’s messages, screenshots, and stories and can even disable the app without having to manually uninstall it from the phone, thanks to its remote uninstallation feature.

Rather than collecting text strings, XNSPY collects screenshots in order to circumvent the end-to-end encryption used by instant messaging services. It enables the app to track Snapchat actions remotely by keeping a visual record of all communication threads. This technology can also be used to hack into someone’s Snapchat account.

During our testing, we noticed that XNSPY would take a screenshot and send it to the XNSPY account if the device owner viewed someone’s Snapchat stories. We could also block Snapchat by selecting from the installed apps list. And if you don’t want to block it, parents can still view their kid’s Snapchat use via the Screen Record option to ensure they are safe.

The most recent version of the program enables the multimedia file recording feature to take screenshots without draining the battery of the target device. It enables longer recording times, which results in crisper and more detailed screenshots.

The screenshots from this social media and smartphone tracking app remain on the app’s server even after they are deleted so the app user can access the data anytime they want. XNSPY also monitors Tinder and Snapchat photos using keylogger technology. The keylogger feature of Xnspy remotely extracts keystrokes from a phone and saves them on its servers.

The account user can then access their dashboard, navigate to Key Logger, and view all keystrokes made. XNSPY displays keystrokes as text messages, along with the app from which they were typed, as well as the time and date.

  • Pro: XNSPY tracks multiple data points of Snapchat to maximize safety
  • Con: Doesn’t offer a free trial and the UI seems a bit outdated by today’s standards

2. Bark

Bark is a relatively new name in the parental app world, but it has recently made a lot of noise. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, and there’s a version available for free. Another attractive feature of Bark is the ability for parents to monitor an unlimited number of devices.

The free one-week trial is an excellent addition because it allows you to test the software before making a final decision. More parental control apps should provide free product trials.

The software censors Snapchat messages by analyzing them with clever algorithms to determine whether it is sexual, destructive, obscene, violent, depressing, or suicidal. Bark filtered out content shared on other social media apps as well but it works best for Snapchat because it is harder to monitor Snapchat over other apps because of the anonymous mode.

Along with notifications for Snapchat usage, the app also filters texts, emails, messages, social activities, and even document messages are all included in its notification alerts.

To filter content and send alerts, an AI-powered algorithm examines messages for threats or violence, sexual innuendo, and inappropriate language. Bark censored a lot of content correctly, but it also produced a lot of false positives during my testing.

A similar situation occurred during web content filtering. During my testing, it removed the vast majority of website data. However, a few websites slipped through the cracks, and Bark was unable to filter them out.

But the filtration system for Snapchat was quite bare-bones since it worked on three sensitivity settings: “All”, “Moderate and Severe”, and “Severe”. Setting Sensitivity to ‘All’ ensures that you’ll receive an alert for everything Bark detects if you’re particularly concerned about a problem, such as anxiety or body image issues. Set Bark’s Sensitivity to ‘Moderate and Severe’ or ‘Severe’ if you have few or no concerns inside a specific area, and you’ll only receive alerts for the most concerning signals.

These are quite generalized settings and are not abundantly clear how it deciphers the severity and what it takes into account. For example, if a person jokingly makes a rude comment, the app can filter out that too.

  • Pros: Has deep analysis tools that allow filtering texts, emails, messages, social activities, and even document messages.
  • Cons: Its AI is convoluted and can ban messages that are not supposed to be filtered.

3. Qustodio

Qustodio is an old name in the remote Snapchat spy apps market. App blocking, monitoring children’s internet usage, and setting time limits are just a few of the software’s key features.

Parents can track calls and messages with the program but they cannot take screenshots with the app. Because of the pastel color scheme and clean UI, everything stands out nicely. The sleek design and pastel tones highlight all of the functions, making navigation a breeze.

The online dashboard, which is presented in the form of a graph, allows parents to track how much time their children spend on their gadgets using Snapchat. If the messages that kids view on Snapchat fall into one of the ten categories, Qustodio will automatically block them.

Drugs, gambling, pornography, proxies/loopholes, and violence are examples of the filters that Qustodio’s AI judges Snapchat and other app content on. You can extend your children’s phone restrictions to include nineteen more categories to block content from other social media platforms and even text messages i.e text strings that are not sent via the Internet.

You can try out Qustodio’s free version, but it is limited to one device and only allows you to track your child’s web history for one week.

  • Pros: Decent Snapchat Message Filtration system. Also allows parents to block the app completely.
  • Cons: Doesn’t show screenshots so parents cannot spy on Snapchat stories but can only block the app.

4. FlexiSPY

Customers can use FlexiSPY to track Snapchat from phones and computers too if they use it on their PCs. Users can tailor a wide range of monitoring options and settings to their specific requirements which makes FlexiSPY the most customizable Snapchat spy app on the list.

FlexiSPY has many features, including Google Messages and iMessage tracking, as well as monitoring other popular messaging apps, but Snapchat keyword deletion is one of its most advanced.

The Snapchat keyword deletion function is an automatic message deletion function that prevents messages from being received on a target device’s Snapchat account. It means that the user has the ability to control and intercept Snapchat messages containing special phrases or words before the phone owner has a chance to read them.

This feature is especially useful for parents who want to review the content of their children’s Snapchat messages and delete any inappropriate text they find contained in them. This is possible because FlexiSPY’s Snapchat messages spy app allows parents to prevent messages from reaching their children’s phones if they contain specific keywords that they find too sexual or inappropriate.

However, the membership model of the app limits all of these capabilities and potential. It is not affordable for the average user due to its exorbitant price, which makes it the most expensive app on the list.

Moreover, FlexiSPYdoesn’t have the ability to take remote screenshots of the phone so parents don’t get a complete picture of their kids’ Snapchat use and the Stories they watch or upload to the app.

  • Pros: Great Customization and Snapchat message filtration system
  • Cons: Expensive and doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption bypass


Even though XNSPY tops our list because of the flexibility it offers to parents to get control of their kids’ Snapchat use and is quite affordable at the same time too, we suggest assessing the pros and cons of each app by availing their free demos or trial to see which app best suits their needs.

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