4 Tips On Hiring Talented Python Developers

The creation of a competitive project is a complicated process that must consist of a bug-free code. Everything starts with building a strategy, stack choice, recruitment, and task distribution. A thoroughly constructed plan takes you halfway to success.

For some clients, the most challenging stage is stack choice. So how can you be sure that the chosen stack is correct? It is possible by doing profound research.

In 2020, Python remains the most popular programming language. It is a reason to hire python developers for website development.

This article explains why you should recruit python developers and presents tips for hiring python programmers.

Why should Python be used?

Why does this programming language rank at the top for popularity? Why is it so widely-used among developers worldwide? Technology writer Kayla Mattews informs people about more Python details in her technology blog. Here we’ll explain the essential advantages of this stack.

Simplicity and clarity

Python is favored because it provides easy-to-read code and a fast and reliable development process. Its syntax is quite simple. That is why even non-programmers and beginners can understand the code and work with it.

Python is also a great technology for novices to learn because it is understandable enough. It has a lot of common features with other languages. Thus all Python developers can quickly figure out how to work with other stacks if they need it.

Universality and usability

It does not matter what a company hopes to create – Python is suitable for web, desktop development, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, etc. This language has many possibilities, including a wide choice of custom functions to deal with even complex projects.

Python is used worldwide, so it is not a problem to find python developers for a team. The market is full of talented specialists because of language usability and being in high demand. In most cases, Python developers know not only this stack but also other languages. That means that such technicians have many different skills and profound experience in development.

Libraries and frameworks

Python is known for its large number of libraries, created to simplify the whole software development process. Python libraries and frameworks provide a handy work process by saving time and offering solutions for many issues.

When a client needs to build a hugely complex product for their business with many features, a python developer can efficiently deal with that. Its libraries are made to cope with big projects.

4 Hiring Tips to Find a Strong Python Developer

We’ve figured out why Python is a great choice to build a website. Now it is time to learn how to find the best python coders for hire.

The hiring process consists of the following stages:

  • Defining the hard and soft skills of a potential employee
  • Doing profound research
  • Interviewing a candidate

To be sure that you did your best by hiring a perfect specialist, here are a few tips that efficiently help you with this task.

Tip #1: Define who are you looking for

Of course, the main stack is already chosen. However, it is not enough if you want to find a professional. You should create a list of concrete hard and soft skills you hope to see in a dedicated employee. We recommend writing this list down to make everything more structured and careful. As practice shows, written information is easier to recall and understand. Also, it helps visualize the specialist you seek.

Tip #2: Do profound research

When a picture of a potential candidate is ready, begin your search. You should choose 2-3 platforms to use. Check education level, years of experience, etc.

It is a common practice among many companies to hire offshore specialists. Try to be careful: there is plenty of fake information. CEOs, founders, and recruiters suggest contacting developers with verified photos, skills, etc. For example, in this case, LinkedIn is a suitable platform. Here former colleagues can approve specialists’ skills. And a client is available to write a review.

Tip #3: Interview

When a candidate is chosen, it is time to have an interview. It is better to do it personally. But, if you have a remote vacancy, do it by video call, as this is the best way to ensure that you are not talking with a scammer.

Prepare questions in advance. The first one can define a candidate’s personality. For example, are they a team player, are they open-minded and friendly, are they ambitious and diligent.

Then the technical part begins. The best way is to give a test task to check the developer’s fluency and expertise and estimate their problem-solving approaches.

When the interview is finished, and the results fit your requirements – congratulations! You have a new team member.

Tip #4: The Final Agreement

At the end of the hiring process, do not forget to sign an NDA and contract. Discuss all conditions in advance and ask the specialist for an identity card. Always make sure that you are safe.

Final thoughts

In most cases, this strategy leads to a competitive result. It is good to know all rules, pay attention to all advice. However, do not forget to use your intuition. It is crucial to remember the human factor when cooperating with people. Sometimes it is more significant than technical skills.

If you are still unsure how to find python developers with proven professional skills or are afraid of making a mistake, you can use recruiting or outsourcing agencies for assistance. They are quite competent at applying your specific needs and selecting a perfect match for your project.

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