5 Ideas To Boost Engagement With Your Instagram Reels

Instagram reels an exciting feature that is now available in 50+ countries worldwide. It is a recent addition to the Instagram platform that allows users to record, edit and share their 15 seconds videos. As per experts, one of the real-time growth hacks for Instagrammers is to perform Instagram reels. Are you wondering how to boost engagement on Instagram? Want to take your Instagram strategy to the next level? Instagram reels are the only answer you have been searching for over a time.

If you have a large following and want to provide engaging content to your viewers, then an Instagram reel is a perfect option. If you are an Instagrammer looking for organic growth, then opt to buy Instagram reels likes and enhance your reach. Moreover, reels are more similar to Instagram stories but with minor differences. Here in this article, we learn about Instagram reels and ways to boost engagement among audiences with Instagram reels. Let’s get started!

What Is An Instagram Reel?

Instagram reels are 15- 60 second video content, including audio, texts, effects, and stickers. They are eye-catching and appealing videos delivered to the audience. You could find Instagram reels in IGTV or Instagram reels tab or explore tab. So far, the highest reel view count is 289 million. It is no surprise Instagram reels have reached almost 675 million audiences. However, if you want to outshine the competition, learn how to create an engaging reel. If you are looking for an opportunity to gain traction with your audience, you can buy Instagram reels views and become viral on Instagram.

How To Create An Instagram Reel?

Creating an Instagram reel is very easy. If you are new to Instagram, keep in mind the simple steps as follows,

  • Launch the Instagram app and open up your account. Click the ‘ + ‘icon in the top left corner of the screen and select reels. Or else, select ‘your story’ option and swipe to create ‘reels.’ 
  • Once you have selected, you can set the timer, audio, filters, effects, speed, etc., 
  • Now tap on the red record button and record your video. After filming, you can edit your videos and share them with your viewers. 

5 Tips To Get More Engagement With Instagram Reels

  1. Create Instagram Reels With Native Touch

You can record your Instagram reels in portrait orientation. If you want to repurpose your content, stick to the Instagram structures to get more exposure. If your reel videos have watermarks, they cannot be posted on Instagram. Your reels’ content should align with the trends on Instagram. In recent times, only trending content creations are getting more views and followers. If you are thinking about how to become a trend on Instagram, the best way is to buy Instagram reels saves and achieve recognition quickly.

  1. Try To Experiment With New Ideas

Although trending is on one side, on the other hand, your reels are to be fresh with new content. Keep experimenting with new ideas. Sometimes things won’t work out in the first place. Do not lose hope but keep trying until you attain a perfect output. Your theme and content should resonate with your brand value and create entertainment for your viewers. Want to outshine the crowd, then try new reel ideas. You can also check on your competitors or famous personalities to get ideas. 

  1. Include CTA In Captions

Creators may sometimes miss out on including captions in their videos. Captions are a quick way to know what video content is all about. You can make your captions more attractive by adding stickers or emojis. In addition, you can include clickable links in your captions to drive the audience to your sites. Thus, it delivers more traffic to your account. If you want to increase your content reach, then buy Instagram reels impressions and build inbound traffic. 

  1. Share Reels In Your Instagram Feeds

One of the simplest ways to make the audience look at your reels is to highlight them on your stories or feeds. After you share it on your Instagram feeds, you can find better results. The more the eyes on your reels, the more is the engagement rate. Another way to spotlight your reel to the community is by tagging other people. Once you include more people by tagging option, you reach a broader audience base. 

  1. Post Your Instagram Reels At The Right Time

When it comes to online platforms, timing is everything! It is much essential to post a video at a suitable time. If you post videos in prime time, the algorithm will recognize them quickly and deliver them to your targeted audience. Finally, it will increase the engagement rate when you see it on the analytics. Generally, the prime time to post your reels on Instagram is between 9 am to 4 pm on all weekdays. 


An idea will not get you overnight success, but sure it may reap fruitful results. Becoming viral on Instagram is not an epic of art; all you need is patience and dedication to your work. So use Instagram reels, an excellent opportunity to boost your online presence. We believe this article provides you with some valuable tips that quickly increase your engagement rate. So, implement it and have better growth! 

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