5 Most Innovative Ways to Use IT in Education

Recent research has shown a correlation between the use of IT and the improved academic performance of students. Despite the prevalence of the traditional classroom system, there have been a host of educational institutions that are harnessing the power of embracing technologies.

The Power of IT in Education

Some of the latest uses of technology in relation to education have revolved around upgrading traditional education materials into the digital word. The use of digital whiteboards has replaced traditional whiteboards and printed whiteboards, Chromebooks have started to overtake textbooks and flipped classrooms incorporating out of the classroom digital learning. This has presented a case of what use technology could have in the normal class setting.

There have been recent releases in the technology world that has impacted the way we receive information. This has transcended into other sectors such as agriculture, security, business, medicine, and other fields. However, there is still practical use for technology in the education sector.

Practical Uses of IT in Education

Here are some innovative ways in which technology can be used in the education sector and how it can transform both worlds:

Slideshow Presentations with Multimedia

Content delivery is an important aspect which measures the level of understanding of the student. Pictorial presentations have been proven to have higher memory retention in the learner’s brain. Text-only slide presentations have become ubiquitous and monotonous. Slideshow presentations are part of the educational curriculum.

Therefore, this necessitates the addition of multimedia elements to increase the display and performance of learners. This strategy will help in capturing the attention of students for a long time. Some of the educational and multimedia elements which can be included in a typical class setting include:

  • Short video clips
  • GIFs
  • Colorful images
  • Soundtracks
  • Animations Graphs

It’s the Era of Podcasts

Podcasts have gained massive popularity over the recent past and have gained general acceptance into the educational sphere. Podcasts play a huge role as part of the teaching process, which helps in gaining a better understanding in the long run. This is especially applicable in scenarios relating to motivational podcasts, online courses, and interviews. There are a host of online podcasts that have essential information on a variety of study areas.

Several podcasts are fully dedicated to the dissemination of information related to a particular field of study. Other podcasts are involved in carrying out extensive research in a specific area of interest. Some of the popular podcasts which can be part of the classroom setting includes:

  • Lecturers from experts
  • Podcast blogs
  • Basic research

Taking a Virtual Tour

A common downside to the traditional classroom setting is with the rigidity when it comes to learning. The classes are fixed, and they contain the mind of the learner within the four walls. However, there is much to learn by taking virtual tours that depict the real world and its realities. Google Cardboard has been in use to simulate field trips for learners.

Students can now have a feel of the historical ear from one’s perspective while studying the phenomena of the earth. Furthermore, students can learn more about the world and be engaged. This can spark an interest in the learners concerning their area of specialization. This makes it easier to have a common understanding of their field.

Online Class Schedules

Fixed class schedules are prone to abrupt changes depending on the nature of the circumstances. These are useful even in custom writing. However, through Google Calendar, it can help you in creating and sharing a class calendar. This helps students remain ahead of their class dates, duration, assignments, deadlines, and due dates. All an instructor has to do is email a hyperlink to their students. This is an organized manner of keeping track of all the class records.

Use of Virtual Manipulatives

It can prove to be a daunting task to visualize mathematical concepts. An effective way of performing this is through manipulatives that come in the form of blocks, base ten clocks, and tangrams. This is still a new technological invention in the invention stages. The reinforcement of student learning through manipulatives helps students understand mathematical concepts. The application of virtual manipulatives in classrooms is appealing in nature to hands-on learners.

Final Thoughts

There are a host of technological inventions that suit the nature of the traditional classroom setting. The best part about technological inventions is that they enhance the typical learning experience. It is therefore left to instructors to a device which method or device suits best the nature of their classroom. IT is a broad field that bears meaningful uses in the real world, with some innovations still have not to be harnessed to their full potential.

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