5 Tips for Starting Online Fitness Training Business

Online businesses are booming in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Quite simply, many people who were furloughed or lost their jobs realized that many businesses could be run remotely. A good and suitably equipped home office is all that is needed to set up and run a viable business. Professionals who provide one-on-one services such as accountants, lawyers, and others who offer advice and help can easily run a business entirely remotely.

How does this transfer to a personal trainer business? At first glance, it may seem an odd idea but consider this: the new breed of ‘smart home gyms’ use digital data gathering and video technology to enable the user to contact and work with a personal trainer, so you can do this; too! You will need the right equipment and approach, so here are our five essential tips if you want to set up an online fitness training business. And if you’re looking to start a more serious fitness business – according to information from LLCGuys it would be a good idea to limit your liability and separate your business assets from your personal estate by incorporating an LLC (limited liability company).

1: Streamline Your Booking System

Once your business is up and running, and clients are waiting for your training and advice, you need to implement an efficient booking system. As this is the 21st century, a paper-based system – a traditional diary – is no longer an effective method, and it’s outdated, clumsy and open to error.

We suggest that you look for a personal trainer booking software that uses a cloud-based calendar system. Put simply, you publish a calendar of available slots, your client logs in and book into a convenient slot, and you are both notified that the appointment has been made and the slot is no longer available. Simple, effective, and easy to use, it also saves a lot of time.

2: Offer Virtual Classes

Many personal trainers offer classes where people can simply work out to a routine or be instructed in exercise programs. Why not offer such classes by video in which you can work with a select group of, say, six clients at once? Many video conferencing solutions allow you to work with such numbers, and it’s a great way of getting more people on board at once. They will, of course, expect personal advice and updates, which brings us to our next point.

3: One to One Video Updates

To keep your clients updated, you could invite them to join you in a one-to-one update session over the video link in which you discuss progress and perhaps plans for their training regime. This is a popular choice with people who have home gym equipment as they can choose a convenient time slot using the booking system described above and, in doing so, ensure they are kept up to date.

There is no time lost traveling, expenses for public transport, or parking, so the appointment is more likely to be kept. A further advantage of booking sessions using the system described is that any changes can be made quickly and simply, and both parties are informed. No missed appointments mean no money lost.

4: Outsource Your Accounting

When it comes to cost-saving, we are usually talking about time-saving. Time is money for personal trainers, and every day must be used to the full. You may not be a great accountant for those mundane business tasks such as your accounts, and it can take a lot of time to get everything into the system. This is one of those mundane tasks that we suggest you get a professional to handle for you.

That may sound expensive, but in fact, many accounting firms specialize in taking on the accounts of small businesses. They will offer you a package tailored to your particular business and handle everything from general accounts, yearly accounts, and even billing. Talk to a local company now, and you’ll see that the fee they charge is far less than the time you are spending on your accounts.

5: Keep it Paperless

There is a lot to say about the modern trend towards a paperless office. There are plenty of software packages and apps such as personal training booking app that allow you to store all the information you need, and some are cloud-based, so they don’t take up any of the space you need for your essential business’s necessities.

If you’re not tech-savvy, there’s no need to worry as these tools are easy to use and don’t need any knowledge of computer science. You also do away with the need for endless files by storing your data digitally.

We hope that the above five tips have helped you see that a fitness training business can be successfully run entirely online. Take these ideas away with you and check out the booking and other tools we have described, and you will soon have your business ready to start taking customers.

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