5 Tools to Make Remote Working a Breeze

In March 2020, companies large and small were forced to shut down their offices and run operations remotely. Many entrepreneurs expected the new way of working to last only a few months, but millions of employees across the United States and overseas are still working from home.

Some businesses are even planning for their staff to work from home when the pandemic is over. If you are considering doing so, you must look for ways to simplify working life for your employees and support productivity. Here are five tools that can make remote working a breeze.

Company monitoring software as part of your management plan is crucial in identifying burnout and ensuring your brand is always at its best.

You can also check out these time management tips for when handling multiple clients or projects to ensure time is spent in the right places.

1. A Collaboration Platform

Communication can become a major challenge for remote working employees. As they can not walk over to a colleague’s desk to receive an answer to a question, and they might wait many an hour for an email response, they might struggle to tick tasks off their list each day.

Make communication and teamwork a breeze by investing in a dependable collaboration platform. Many people lean towards Slack for team messaging, but there are more affordable, innovative, and secure Slack competitors available that could transform your business productivity. For example, Mattermost provides organized conversations, multi-language translations, and full data ownership, to name only a few benefits.

2. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing will allow your employees to build or maintain a friendly rapport and enjoy some human interaction during the working day. Plus, it can support productivity and collaboration.

If an employee needs to discuss an important project or a complicated task, they can connect with a colleague or client via video. Plus, they can share screens to walk through content or present a project.

3. Project Management Software

Feel in control of your business by investing in project management software. The right employee monitoring software can help you reinforce employees’ deadlines and actions throughout the working day. It is a fantastic way to keep track of a project’s progress, your employees’ performances, and internal productivity and efficiency.

4. A Calendar Tool

It is easy to lose track of time or forget about an important meeting when working from the comfort of home. Ensure your staff never miss a call with a big supplier or a video conferencing meeting with a key client by providing an innovative calendar tool.

For example, your remote employees could use Google Calendar to receive reminders for upcoming meetings and appointments. It can help your team effectively manage their time and ensure they don’t miss a business-critical meeting.

5. A Screenshot Application

A screenshot application will allow your employees to take screenshots, screen gifs, or full-page captures of their screen with ease. A staff member can then share them with a colleague or client when discussing a task or project. You could even choose a collaboration platform that includes this handy feature.

Do not allow poor time management, communication, and collaboration to slow your business down and impact its profitability. Consider investing in the above tools to create an efficient, creative, and productive remote working team.

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