7 Best Content Promotion Practices In 2021

Content Promotion

Digital marketing is undoubtedly the most productive strategy for an online business to promote a product or service. Content creation and promotion are known to be an integral part of present-day marketing. Still, there are plenty of promotion tactics recognized as mainstream in due time.

Such variability comes as no surprise. As any sort of marketing depends on human and search engine behavior tremendously, they all change simultaneously. To achieve impressive results, you need to keep up with content promotion trends.

Here, we will outline current tendencies in the world of content promotion and share ideas that work the best today.

Take Time to Understand Your Audience

Creating your ideal or average customer persona is a universal tactic both for traditional and digital marketing. It is an underlying rule that worked decades ago and still works as a first step of any content promotion strategy.

These are some basic aspects you need to consider before creating a new piece of content:

  • age, gender, occupation;
  • language;
  • hobbies & aspirations;
  • daily routines & habits;
  • pain points.

With this “perfect customer portrait”, you will be conscious of what your target audience may look for and what you can offer to them. This will obviously lighten your decisions about, the medium, the kind, and the form of content you want to make.

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If you are an experienced content maker, you can make use of already existing materials. Analyze your website using tools like Google Analytics to understand your visitors’ behavior. For instance, you can see what topics are the most and less interesting for your readers, how many of them were converted into leads. This will surely help you choose the right direction.

Choose Long-Form Content

In our world of quick perception and consumption, you may have considered short posts to be more effective. We are sorry to disappoint you. Studies have shown that long copies outperform short copies by more than 40 percent.

Of course, content length can vary depending on your format, medium, and goals. While 600-1500 words will be enough to get social shares, a promotion article for higher Google rankings requires 2500 words on average.

Nevertheless, word count should not be your highest priority. Well-researched, informative content with a clear, thought-out structure – that is what people admire and want to read. Quality is still a critical factor for search engines to increase the visibility of your webpage.

Remember About SEO

Content promotion is not only about predicting your potential customers’ behavior and playing with their attention. It is also about interacting with Google and other search engines that are paramount for making your site visible.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a complex process of adjusting your content to Google’s criteria of a quality website. It combines content length with its quality, website design, navigation, links, load time, keywords, and many more factors.

In 2021, Google focuses on the quality of the content more than the number of backlinks or keywords. Following out-of-date trends of keyword placement, for instance, can even harm your strategy and will make Google ban your website. So, it is crucial to learn current tendencies in SEO and implement the right tools for your advanced content promotion methods.

Master Visual Content

Visual content is easy to grasp and consume, very engaging, and handy to create. That may be a reason why 72% of customers prefer video content over text posts. A ponderable reason to become a vlogger, huh?

However, you do not need to have a professional studio, fancy light, or prominent stage skills to use video in your content promotion strategy. Simple homemade records and live streaming on your phone camera are also highly appreciated.

In addition to video, infographics are another type of visual attraction for your readers. Concerning promotion, infographics are actively shareable, they attract backlinks and mentions. That is the reason why you should support your text with this kind of content, as well as any other quality piece of visual info.

Contribute To Multi-Channel Marketing

In 2021, people amuse themselves by exploring a wide range of platforms. The good news is that you can use Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other places for your business promotion. Developers attune their apps to brand owners allowing them to experiment with formats and reach out to their target audience in a new way.

Videos, infographics, podcasts, white papers, case studies, webinars – be creative and learn to use new channels and formats for your content marketing. Do not constrain yourself with blog posts only, and you will expand your brand’s presence and draw a wider audience.

Learn Content Syndication & Repurposing

To communicate with potential customers across multiple channels, you do not need to exhaust your resources to generate new content constantly. A popular and working method to remain productive without new creations is content syndication & repurposing.

Generally, this tactic implies refreshing your old content by publishing it on other websites and platforms or changing its format. This is a way to breathe a new life in an already existing piece and cover a wider audience at once.

It may sound challenging if you first meet such a phenomenon. Luckily, there are professional creators like Adsy service who know how to syndicate and repurpose your content effectively. Do not hesitate to consult with them or fully deliver them at this stage of your content promotion strategy.

Optimize for Mobile

Making your website mobile-friendly is a vital element of your promotion strategy. Mobile users generate half of all internet traffic. That means you should take care of these visitors’ comfort as greatly as of laptop fans.

These are some of the essential mobile optimization aspects:

  • mobile-friendly design: not only the minimalistic design will speed up your website; it will help users avoid unnecessary distractions. You should also consider dynamic design, as there are various screen sizes across smartphone models nowadays.
  • video optimization: vertical videos have become increasingly popular for a good reason. Include subtitles for those who cannot listen to your videos at this moment but would like to appreciate your content;
  • simplified navigation: make your website easy to navigate and comfortable to interact with. Do not forget about the “thumb-friendly” page structure and large convenient touchpoints, especially when it comes to key sections and contact info.

Unlike other content promotion tactics, ignoring mobile optimization can be extremely harmful to your business. Even if you make up a perfect piece of content, it will not attract half of your visitors. Moreover, it will turn out to be a disappointing experience for mobile users, and you will lose many potential clients.

Some of these tips may have surprised you; others are already familiar to you. Choose the most suitable way for you and your niche, combine it with other tactics you know to achieve the most fruitful results.

A wise promotion plan is what you need to make your content noticed. We believe that you have valuable words to share, and we hope to have helped you in your journey.

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