9 Tips to Tune Up Your Laptop Before The New School Year

There is nothing worse than a laptop that does not work well during the start of an academic year when you are told to download various apps and start with a plethora of written assignments. If you are majoring in Data Science, you may already have a set of tools to improve things, yet many students easily get lost as they start. Thankfully, you do not have to be an expert to tune up your laptop for the majority of college tasks.

9 Laptop Tuning Tips Before The School Year Starts

  1. Perform All Windows Upgrades.

It may take a while, which is why you should ensure that you have all the drivers and Windows updates installed. While Mac users have it much easier with updates, they also need to ensure that their iOS build fits all their academic requirements.

  1. Install Antivirus and Firewall Software.

It is essential to install proper antivirus software. Adding an external firewall solution with spyware protection tools is also helpful. Just make sure that it does not get into conflict with the built-in OS solutions.

  1. Uninstall Unnecessary (Non-Critical) Windows Apps.

This part may be tricky for those students who are not tech-savvy, yet the majority of new laptops today come with a plethora of apps that you may not really need. While some of them may affect the work of your laptop, uninstalling them helps, especially by removing those that run at startup.

  1. Check Your Laptop’s Battery Health.

It can be done with the help of your laptop’s preinstalled software or by turning to free software solutions like BatteryCare. When in doubt or your battery starts to malfunction, always contact the technical service repair office in your local area and avoid self-repair risks.

  1. Install Office 365 Suite.

As a school student or college freshman, you have a right to discounts and special conditions as you install this famous set of tools by Microsoft. It is an essential set that will be helpful regardless of your subject or types of tasks.

  1. Run an Antivirus Scan Regularly.

It is especially important when you are at college and download various files from your campus system. Since the majority of students also download movies and music, checking these files in terms of spyware is essential. The same relates to looking for online writing help, which may be risky.

  1. Clean Your Keyboard and Ventilation Openings.

The dust and different particles always get into the fan openings of your laptop, which is why you should clean it up regularly to allow an inflow of air. Keeping your keyboard clean also helps to stay away from more than just computer viruses!

  1. Install Helpful Learning Apps.

These may include planning apps like Evernote or online dictionaries. Just make sure that they are related to your major and do not make you perform more steps than you did before. Keep things original and learn beyond the textbook. Consider essay writer for hire to avoid plagiarism and keep your structure and tasks proofread and edited. Approaching professional assistance will also make you a much better learner!

  1. Add Password Protection Software.

Good options include free Lock-a-Folder or commercial offerings like Folder Guard, Bitdefender Total Security, NordPass, or LastPass, which also has a free 30-day trial.

Remember About Laptop Cooling

This aspect is often ignored by modern learners as they spend hours browsing through social media posts or play various video games when they are not busy with their studies. It must be mentioned that laptop cooling is necessary not only when it is hot outside but when a laptop requires extra CPU power for heavy tasks and processing. Keeping your laptop cool will prolong its life and will help installed applications work in a much faster way.

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