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The process of developing software is not a simple one, and most of the time, it is necessary to bring on fresh developers on many occasions over the lifespan of the project. When looking for expertise and abilities, company owners often find it helpful to use staffing services such as IT staffing, staff augmentation, dedicated teams, or team extension. However, distinguishing between the two might be challenging at times.

This article will explain what “team extension” is all about, how it is different from the service of having a dedicated development team, and what value it delivers to businesses who elect to outsource their software development team extension.

What exactly does “IT team extension” mean?

At its core, team expansion is recruiting software engineers who have the necessary skills and who are compatible with the company’s culture for software development projects. When using the software development team extension model, you will be responsible for recruiting one or more software developers that possess the specialized expertise necessary for a given undertaking. You are the one who is in charge of managing such team members, and your outsourcing partner will often assist you in this endeavor.

Using this methodology to hire personnel makes you confident that your IT staff is well-adjusted to work at hand and reflects your firm’s culture.

When compared to a Dedicated development Team, an Extended Team has several advantages.

Regardless of whatever model you choose, your business will have access to a far larger talent pool since you won’t be restricted to selecting professionals from the same geographic area. It implies that you will have rapid access to some of the most significant information technology pros available to you when you outsource your work.

Model for the Team Extension

Adding a missing talent to your in-house development team is the primary focus of the team extension model. This approach ensures that your organization maintains complete control over its strategic competencies. A time and materials contract serves as the foundation for this concept.

Your organization will be able to reduce the expenses connected with intake, payroll, and project management if it uses a model that incorporates software development team extensions. Additionally, this paradigm is scalable. In addition, the complete transfer in duty enables you to cut down on the bureaucracy associated with employment so that you may concentrate on your primary business operations.

Model of Dedication to the Team

When you recruit a whole remote extended development team and hand over responsibility for your project to them, you are engaging in the practice of committed team model outsourcing. The outsourcing firm you decide to work with will put together a specialized team for you, explicitly comprising a project manager. It lessens the need for the customer to do any hands-on management.

More than just an expansion of the team is implied by the notion of a specialized development team. A software service provider is heavily engaged in the software development process from beginning to end. This includes business analytics, design, user interface, user experience design, quality assurance (QA), project management, support, and maintenance.

Which of these models should you go with if its benefits are roughly comparable to those of the other model?

Isn’t extending a team the same as using a third-party service?

You may make the case that team expansion is the same as outsourcing. Outside of the office is where the extended team is currently located. However, when you outsource, you are giving over creating a complete product to a third company, along with whatever control you may have over the production process.

By extending the capabilities of your team, you can keep complete control. Alongside your already employed developers, members of your extended team take part in stand-ups, meetings, and planning sessions. And in contrast to outsourcing, they will focus only on the project you have assigned to them. In the same way, you select how your in-house team members should spend their time, the project or product manager reports to you and makes these decisions.

This does demand that you can handle the increased staff and the complexity that may be brought to the scheduling, communications, and prioritization processes as a result of the increased headcount.

Is the purpose of team expansion to hiring less expensive programmers?

No. It is about getting access to talented people. Programmers are often used in off-shore and near-shore markets via the team expansion process. They could be the only method to acquire the skill sets and expertise you want, depending on the demand for talent in your area and the competition there is for talent.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia, known as a national IT hotspot, is where the SoftwareSeni talent base is located. In contrast to other sites, this one has a significant overlap of time zones. In addition, all of the developers that make up our skill pool have collaborated with us on many projects. Some of them have been a part of our group for many years.

The great benefit of having access to a pool of experienced developers is not understated. The most crucial benefit that you should worry about is saving time—swiftness of performance. There are several monetary benefits, which we will go over in more detail later, but the advantage of time is that we believe the extended team model pays off in the long run.

The financial benefits of extending the team.

The benefits of an expanded team in terms of upfront costs were alluded to in the previous paragraph. We’re not recruiters. We do not assess any fees for the placement of our programmers inside your organization. You will save five figures for each squad member if you do that.

The ongoing expenses have been determined. You are aware of the total cost associated with each extended team member. It is a figure that can be anticipated, making it easier to budget. There are no operating expenses. Hence there are no costs for things like office space or equipment. SoftwareSeni is the one responsible for their upkeep.

Despite all of this, we believe that you shouldn’t be thinking about the expenditures associated with your extended team but rather the earning potential that comes with having them. Concentrate on what you will be able to do with the addition of team members and how this will affect your bottom line.

The difficulties that come with using a larger squad

A management problem may arise if there is a sudden growth in employees. This obstacle is made much more difficult by the dispersed nature of the expanded team and the potential communication problems that might arise from working with a global team.

To successfully manage the increased number of employees, you must ensure that enough project management capability is in place. When it comes to some companies, this is the factor that poses the biggest threat to an extended team and is also the most prevalent reason why reality does not live up to aspirations. Lastly, it may take some time for a tight-knit team to acclimatize to the addition of numerous new team members and incorporate them into the group.

Every one of these difficulties may be conquered. We’ve seen it happen. We’ve helped it happen—another advantage of having a SoftwareSeni extended team. When you hire someone to work for you, their troubles become your problems. By extending your team with SoftwareSeni, we will be there to assist you through the issues you face and help you achieve success.


When working with a team extension model, one of the essential things to keep in mind is to make sure that the services provider for your team extension is the most suited to meet your needs. In an ideal world, they should use a mode of management comparable to your own. The most crucial thing is that they should be able to offer you team members that have the appropriate level of experience and expertise.

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