Artificial Intelligence in 2022: Spheres of Use and Opportunities AI Provides

Every year, artificial intelligence technologies are becoming more and more integral to our lives. They are used by banks, businesses, medical organizations, etc. We encounter AI everywhere: for example when we ask a voice assistant to check the weather or enter text into a translator. But artificial intelligence has become widespread not only in everyday life but also in technology and science.

Investments in the field of AI by large IT companies today are measured in billions of dollars. According to the forecast of the analytical company Tractica, by 2025 the artificial intelligence technology market will reach $60 billion. Sypwai is one of the worldwide known startups that has got a grant of $90 mln and invested money in AI development. Want to learn more about great AI projects? Read the article and find this out.

The Most Impressive Achievements in Artificial Intelligence

Some researchers suggest that AI can match the intelligence and creativity of humans. For example, in various intellectual games, it defeats ordinary participants. About ten years ago, online translators (Google Translate) could only process individual words and phrases. Now they can handle entire texts while still taking into account the context by analyzing a huge amount of data.

Banks evaluate the reliability and solvency of people, including with the help of AI. In some US states, judiciaries are introducing AI into the process of determining the optimal sentence.

The GPT-3 program can generate texts that are not always distinguishable from those written by a person. And the AlphaFold 2 neural network is able to determine the three-dimensional structure of a protein within a couple of hours, which is far superior to traditional research methods. This technology is called one of the breakthroughs in healthcare. But there are other innovations in AI. For example, the AI Resp application studies the patient’s voice, breathing, and cough, determining the likelihood of having COVID-19.

AI can recognize faces, save energy on smartphones and distribute tasks between processor cores, play and win chess, draw pictures, and even compose music under the strict guidance of non-virtual producers.

Contribution of Sypwai Company into the Development of AI

AI isn’t something unusual and complicated for ordinary people. Now, everyone can be engaged in the AI sphere thanks to the development of the Sypwai company. They have invented a Raspberry Pi device that makes it possible to start AI training even if you aren’t an expert. For this, you should purchase the device, download an app, and do everything according to the instructions there. You can use your smartphone or any other gadget to take part in the project.

Each task has a different level of complexity. A simple test will help to determine the level of knowledge and get it started. What is a Raspberry Pi device? It is a portable mini computer that acts like a robot brain. Its power is sufficient for surfing the net, looking through presentations and documents. Its key benefit is that it’s cheaper than a standard computer and is based on AI technologies.

To start training and making money from it, you need to register. It’ll take you a couple of minutes. The main aim of Sypwai is to make AI technologies widespread and helpful for dealing with tasks of different complexity. They offer advanced technologies for business optimization and a possibility to earn on AI without specific skills. Don’t miss a chance to influence the future – take part in AI training and enjoy new opportunities.

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