Benefits of Node.js for Business: Examples

Many people wonder what benefits Node.js has and how it can help promote business. In fact, Node.js is a runtime based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and has a lot of benefits. Node.js outperforms other web applications by replacing sockets with push technology.

The uniqueness of this technology is that there are now advanced web applications with real-time two-way connections, where both server and client can build communication that allows them to exchange valuable data. It is quite different from the traditional web response model paradigm, where only the client initiates the communication. However, this is only a small part of what Node.js offers us. So, let’s dive fully into this platform and consider all its pros and maybe cons, if there are any, of course.

Basic Concepts

For a better understanding, let’s have a few words on Node.js. Node.js is primarily intended for creating server-side JavaScript applications. Although there are also projects for writing desktop applications (Electron) and even for creating code for microcontrollers. But above all, we are talking about Node.js as a platform for building web applications.

You used to be able to run JavaScript only in a browser, but once developers expanded it, you could now run JavaScript on your computer as a separate application. That is how Node.js came about.

Now you can do much more with JavaScript than just interactive websites.

JavaScript now has the ability to do what other scripting languages like Python can.

Both browser-based JavaScript and Node.js run in the V8 runtime environment. This engine uses your JavaScript code and converts it into faster machine code. Machine code is low-level code that the computer can run without having to interpret it first.

Unprecedented Popularity of JavaScript 

First of all, one of the reasons to choose Node.js for your business is the ubiquitous use of JavaScript. This programming language has always been in the TOP-5 and will remain at the high point for a very long time to come. In addition, we can say with certainty that quite often there are new and high-quality frameworks, which is also pleasing. You could even say that with the appearance of Node.js JavaScript has literally revolutionized things. This language is used by a huge number of web developers and it is definitely the world’s driving language at the moment.

Because JavaScript is a language that most developers know or have used, it is fairly easy to adapt and migrate from any other web technology to Node.js. This makes it the preferred choice among web developers.

A Single Language

Without going too far away from the topic of JavaScript itself, let’s discuss another huge advantage of using Node.js. It is one language for all levels, or, in other words, the reuse of the language. If we take Spring or ASP.NET as an example, we would need the developer to know another language to write server-side code, be it VB.NET, Java, or C#. To put it another way and a bit more simply, functions necessarily include two languages – one on the client-side and one on the server-side. But in Node.js we see only JavaScript being used on the client and server-side. From this comes one big plus – the web developer has to communicate using only one language at all levels. Moreover, it can be reused for future communications.

Rich Ecosystem

NPM, Node.js’ default package manager, also serves as the primary platform for open-source JavaScript tools, which play a very important role in the development of this programming language. With about a million libraries currently available in the npm registry and more than 10,000 new ones published weekly, the Node.js ecosystem is quite rich. Statistics show that 94% of today’s web applications consist of npm modules. And this is proof of its undeniable popularity among developers.

With such a huge variety of free tools available in a few clicks, there is a huge potential for using Node.js. At the same time, open-source software is growing in popularity because it allows new solutions to be created, reducing overall development costs and time to market.

One More Advantage: Faster than Light

Node.js is fast. This is proven by the results of performance tests provided by various resources. Researchers compared how popular languages such as GO, PHP, Java, and Node.js handle simultaneous requests. The latter shows the best results in almost all indicators due to the use of the V8 engine.

Another important advantage is asynchronous query processing. In the context of the server-side, synchronous processing implies that the code is executed sequentially. Thus, each new request will block the flow of the others, and other commands will only start to be executed after the previous one is finished. The asynchronous method, on the other hand, which is used in Node.js, makes maximum use of single-threaded processing, which reduces the response time by several times.

The third aspect is the event-based model. By using a single language on both the client and backend, synchronization is as fast as possible, which is especially useful for real-time, event-driven applications. Because of its asynchronous, single-threaded nature, Node.js is ideal for online games, chat rooms, video conferencing, or any other project that requires constant data updates.

A node js app development company is almost always a couple of steps ahead of the competition, and this is already a rule due to the fast responsiveness rate. The examples speak for themselves: many leading companies have noticed significant improvements since migrating to Node.js – PayPal reported a 35% reduction in response time after migrating from Java.

To Sum It Up

So, having analyzed the most important points about Node.js, the conclusion is obvious – it is great! You can talk a lot about the pros and cons, but the point is that you must at least try to work with this multi-functional platform. Yes, Node.js is trending right now. It has great features that developers can use to create highly reliable and scalable web applications.

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