Best 10 Hidden Spy Apps for Android and Iphone

Programs of this kind can be used for completely different purposes. For instance, such an application will be convenient for moms and dads who want to be positively assured of the safety of their children, and such a program can also be useful for employers who need to keep track of their employees. While using these hidden spy apps to monitor your employees’ efficiency levels, you may also decide to establish a business in the tech industry; make sure to explore the California LLC formation process to take the first step towards your entrepreneurial dreams.

Moreover, such a thing is quite effective when you need to track your second phone (and phones very often just get lost somewhere under the pillow, and if it has the sound switched off, then it is generally impossible to find it. Plus, such things tend to get lost just when you urgently need to leave the house).

It is VERY important to comprehend that such things as spying programs and apps should never be used if the person does not know that they will be watched. Be sure to agree on the use of this program if you plan to observe another person. If they forbid it, then just agree with their position. NO means NO, there are no alternatives, and respecting the personal space of another person is a strict rule in the modern world.

Before purchasing such a program (or getting it gratis), just read the rules of use and laws for yourself, just to be sure that such activity is legal.

You can even access the Front & Back-Camera while the Phone-Screen is turned off. Because the platform is very modern and easy to use, even beginners will have no trouble using this Spyapp. You can test them on Live-Demo for free, so you can verify yourself if they fit your needs.

Before proceeding specifically to the list, it is worth clarifying a few points. Before using any application, and especially this type of program, you must be familiar with the basic principle of their work.

Basic Usage Questions

Is it possible to understand that someone is watching the device?

No, such programs are specially made in such a way that their work cannot be noticed on the subject of surveillance. If one could notice it, then such things simply would not work.

Do I need to do something with another IPhone for the program to work?

Again, no. You do not need to touch anything and you do not need to install anything to another device additionally; all the more you do not need to infect another device with viruses in order to be able to follow its activity. Everything is much simpler: all iPhones have iCloud. The name speaks for itself, it is cloud storage, so it can be accessed without being hacked.

How to understand that such a program is suitable for the device?

At a minimum, the programs shown on the list are proven to be definitely suitable. As for alternative options, if such programs are in the App Store, then you can be sure that they have passed all the stages of verification and received permission to be there on the list. So, there is nothing to worry about, except that some programs have wider or narrower functionality.

Do you need a jailbreak on another device to monitor it?

Again, no. We return to the point where it is said whether it is necessary to touch the device at all (the answer is negative).

Of course, this is far from all the information about the principle of operation of such programs, but for a start, it will suffice. It is recommended to conduct your own research on this topic, especially since the pitfalls are everywhere and can always be encountered. Now we move on to the list.

The best of the best Hidden Spy Apps

1st: One of the most effective — mSpy

Originally created for parents in order to protect the younger generation, this program can be used for various purposes. It offers a wide range of functionality with which you can view messages in various social programs, including displaying those pieces of information that have been erased from correspondence. It also allows you to look at the list of calls and determine the location of the object of observation (including the ability to trace the movement), eke makes it possible to view materials from the gallery, calendar, other applications, and so on. You can find out more about the functionality on the program’s website (you can also download it there).

This program automatically records all received data and protects it as well, so that only the owner of the phone or computer has access to it. Plus, if something goes wrong, you can contact the support service, which works every day/night and can communicate with customers in different languages. However, many users spoke negatively about the support service and noted that the program does not return money in the event of a negative experience.

There is a charge to use this program, but it is cheap, it turns out only a few cents a day.

2nd: The ability to keep abreast of literally everything — FlexiSPY

It also offers huge functionality and a set of tools in order to really know everything about your object of observation. However, there is one powerful negative point: there is no way to do without jailbreak, which entails a certain danger. Naturally, this moment does not negate all the positive features, but it is worth thinking carefully.

You can try the free version of the program.

3d: Amazingly wide functionality — SPYERA

Of course, this program also offers all of the above services, but it has a few points that no one else offers.

In addition to the standard functionality such as viewing messages, tracking visited places, opening access to materials from other applications, and so on, this program also allows you to discreetly listen to phone conversations and record them in its database. Moreover, the owner of the phone does not even need to call someone for the program to read the sounds of the environment. That is, this program can record information simply through the speaker of another device. And this applies not only to calls through the phone, but also to using other programs such as Skype, Facebook, and so on. And this is just one of the many opportunities to protect your child and your entire family.

The truth is, this program is quite expensive and requires payment every month, but the subscription can be removed. You can pay only by credit card or debit.

4th: Convenience and ease of observation — XNSPY

A convenient program that allows you to easily monitor the activities of the younger generation or your subordinates at work. It also gives access to the history of correspondence in different programs, you can view calls and more. Here, however, the problem of service arises again. In case of problems, contacting support may not give effective results, as noted by experienced users.

5th: Free child monitoring tool — iKeyMonitor

Like the previous program, this application has a huge number of useful features, and with its help, you can, first of all, protect your child while they are in the digital space as well as in real life. The developers of the application emphasize how dangerous spending time on the Internet can be: bullying, perverts, toxic materials, entire sites that call for suicide and self-harm, and many other terrible things surround users, and children are especially vulnerable to this danger and other forms of psychological pressure.

While using the functionality of this program, you can see which Internet sites a person visits, who communicate with them and how, what offline places this person visits, and so on. The functionality is very similar to the previous application.

The application is free, yes, but it is possible to unlock its potential to the maximum for a specific price. If something goes wrong, you can return the money spent.

It is important to note that the program will not be able to fully work with new phone models, it is focused on older models.

6th: Accessibility and ease of use — Mobistealth

This is a good thing to protect your loved ones from toxic threats that can latch on to them during their activities in the digital world. There is also a lot of functionality, including listening to the environment through the speaker of another device. However, there is a problem: some functions are only available for Android. So before choosing this program, you should familiarize yourself with its principle of operation on devices of different brands.

It is also impossible to use the program for free for a long time, it very soon begins to demand payment for its functionality. However, the price is tolerable.

7th: Ability to quickly spot negative content — Web Watcher

A great program to help you spot people with ill intentions who can threaten the safety of those you love. It is important that with this application you can make a list of words to which the program will respond quickly (so that if an ill-wisher texts something unacceptable to your child or loved one, you can quickly react).

You can also try the program for a certain period without payment.

8th: Purely child-monitoring software — Cocospy

This application is aimed specifically at parents who want to keep their children safe. Like all other programs, this application works hidden, so that the child will not feel discomfort from being watched and at the same time will be in good hands in case an ill-wisher or a pervert clings to them in the digital world.

In principle, the functionality is sufficient here, so the minimum or maximum use depends solely on your goals. The program is easy to use. On the negative side: you will have to jailbreak in some cases, for example, if you need to view the materials of some social programs. There is also no way to try the program for free, the fee is required immediately, but you can get a significant discount.

9th: Children are safe, employees are efficient, your information is saved — HIGHSTERmobile

We can start by mentioning the really good moment: the program does not require a subscription and a monthly fee but is bought once and works as long as you need it. Again, there is a very wide functionality here, like the programs described above. This program will be convenient both in everyday life and in professional activities. You can get it just for yourself, just in case something happens to another device: with this application you can save all your data.

There is also a serious drawback along with the convenience of payment: it does not work as quickly as everything else on the list, you have to wait in order to receive the necessary service, and this can play a decisive role in the case where you need to react quickly. Another problem is that it is impossible to get support for the device for free. A relatively high price is required for one session.

It is also important to note that such programs are usually easy to install and get started. You can also see a simple instruction on the site, but many difficulties are not indicated in it, so you will have to figure it out for a long time.

10th: Nothing worse than the others in terms of functionality — Auto Forward

Last on this list is a program that also offers such services as well as simple use. There are also tools that other similar programs do not have. For example, not all programs allow you to view media files and listen to recorded audio, but here it is possible. In general, the application is no worse than the others, except for the moment that a jailbreak is also necessary here, but there is not a word about this on the site — so this is a double minus since such things must be clearly indicated. is the most advanced spy app with over 42 features. Most importantly you have direct Live-Access to Photos, Calls, GPS Position, Photos, Call-Recordings, Social-Media Messages (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Vkm, SMS, etc).

Summing up and drawing conclusions

All the proposed programs are good in their own way, and the variety of their functionality will allow you to use them in different areas of your life. For the most part, such programs are used for everyday convenience and in order to protect loved ones, but they can also be useful for employers who cannot directly control the activities of their employees. However, in no case should such things be used without the agreement of the subject of observation. Let us remind you that no means no, and nothing else. As a result, everything rests simply on human consciousness, so it is worthwhile to understand that such programs can be used for evil (and you should not use them with malicious intent, it is illegal).

Before using such an application, you should familiarize yourself in detail with the proposed tools and be sure to read what people who have got the experience in working with such programs say.

The support service does not always work perfectly, this should also be taken into account. Some programs require a jailbreak, while others do fine without it (it is safer to use the second option).

However, you should always look at all possible alternatives. There are a lot of pitfalls in any topic. The proposed programs have already been tested and proven to be reliable, but there may be other options.

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