Best Cell Phone Insurance Providers of 2023

Navigating the world of phone insurance can be a daunting task. With an increasing risk of accidents and theft, protecting your phone investment is more important than ever. This guide will unravel the complex landscape of phone insurance options, highlighting key features to consider and revealing the best providers for 2023.

Ready to safeguard your device? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • AKKO, SquareTrade, AppleCare+, Samsung Care+, and Asurion are the best cellphone insurance providers for 2023.
  • Key features to consider when choosing phone insurance include coverage for accidental damage and theftdeductibles and premiumsrepair and replacement optionsclaim process and customer service, as well as coverage for accessories and data loss.
  • Carrier-provided phone insurance plans offer convenience but often have higher deductibles and limited coverage compared to third-party options like SquareTrade or Geek Squad.
  • The best phone insurance option will depend on your specific needs and preferences. It is recommended to compare different providers before making a decision.

Best Cell Phone Insurance Providers of 2023

In 2023, the best phone insurance providers include AKKO, SquareTrade, AppleCare+, Samsung Care+, and Asurion.


AKKO stands out as one of the best phone insurance providers in 2023 due to its comprehensive coverage plans. This provider has paved a path in the insurance industry with flexible and affordable policies that cover an array of devices, not just cellphones.

Whether you own a Samsung, iPhone, or Pixel phone, AKKO gets you covered. The plan ensures your device is protected from accidental damage, theft, and even data loss which can be catastrophic if it happens unexpectedly.

Moreover, AKKO offers some significant advantages over carrier-specific insurance like AT&T or Verizon by providing options for multi-device coverage—a perfect choice for families who have multiple phones and other electronic devices such as laptops and cameras.

One crucial point to note about this company is that while their premiums are highly competitive; they do require payment of a deductible on claims much like other mobile phone insurers.


SquareTrade is a well-known and reliable cellphone insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage for accidental damage and theft. With SquareTrade, you can have peace of mind knowing that your phone is protected against unexpected mishaps.

They offer affordable premiums with different deductible options to suit your budget. In addition to providing repair and replacement options, SquareTrade also boasts excellent customer service, ensuring a smooth claim process if the need arises.

Moreover, they provide coverage for accessories and data loss, so you don’t have to worry about losing important files or valuable add-ons. When it comes to protecting your phone investment, SquareTrade should definitely be on your radar as one of the top options available.


One of the top cellphone insurance options for 2023 is AppleCare+. This comprehensive coverage from Apple provides peace of mind for iPhone users. With AppleCare+, you can get protection against accidental damage, including drops and spills, as well as coverage for battery issues.

Additionally, AppleCare+ offers priority access to support experts who can assist with troubleshooting and software-related problems. It’s important to note that AppleCare+ does have a deductible, which varies depending on the type of repair needed.

Whether you’re an avid iPhone user or simply want the best coverage for your device, considering AppleCare+ is definitely worth it.

Samsung Care+

Samsung Care+ is one of the top cellphone insurance providers for 2023, offering comprehensive coverage for Samsung phone owners. With Samsung Care+, you can protect your valuable device from accidental damage and theft.

Their plans provide repair and replacement options, ensuring that you won’t be left without a working phone if something goes wrong. In addition to covering your phone, Samsung Care+ also extends its protection to accessories and even data loss.

While the cost of cellphone insurance can vary, Samsung Care+ offers a competitive option for those looking to safeguard their investment in a Samsung device.


Asurion is another top cellphone insurance provider that offers comprehensive coverage for accidental damage and theft. With Asurion, you can rest easy knowing that your phone will be protected against drops, spills, and even loss or theft.

They provide a seamless claim process and excellent customer service to ensure that your device is repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. Asurion also offers coverage for accessories and data loss, making it a reliable choice for those who want complete protection for their mobile devices.

Whether you have an iPhone, Samsung phone, or any other brand, Asurion has plans tailored to meet your needs. Don’t let unexpected incidents ruin your day – choose Asurion for the best phone insurance option in 2023.

Key Features to Consider When Choosing Phone Insurance

When choosing phone insurance, it’s important to consider key features such as coverage for accidental damage and theft, deductibles and premiums, repair and replacement options, claim process and customer service, as well as coverage for accessories and data loss.

Coverage for accidental damage and theft

Accidents happen, and when it comes to our phones, it’s important to have coverage for accidental damage and theft. The best cellphone insurance providers offer comprehensive plans that protect you in these situations.

For example, SquareTrade is known for its excellent accidental damage coverage, ensuring your phone is protected if it takes a tumble or gets dropped in water. AppleCare+ also provides great coverage against both accidental damage and theft for iPhone users.

And if you’re a Samsung user, Samsung Care+ offers similar protection specifically tailored to their devices. With multiple options available, you can find the perfect plan that covers accidental damage and theft for your specific phone brand.

Deductibles and premiums

One important aspect to consider when choosing phone insurance is the deductibles and premiums. Deductibles are the amount of money you have to pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in, while premiums are the regular payments you make for coverage.

It’s crucial to find a balance between a reasonable deductible and an affordable premium that fits your budget. Be aware that some cellphone insurance plans may have high deductibles that can equal or even exceed the cost of your phone itself.

On the other hand, lower deductibles often come with higher monthly premiums. So, take into account both factors when comparing different insurance options, ensuring you choose one that provides adequate coverage without breaking the bank.

Repair and replacement options

When it comes to phone insurance, one of the key aspects to consider is the repair and replacement options offered by different providers. After all, accidents happen, and you want peace of mind knowing that your device will be quickly repaired or replaced if something goes wrong.

Some cellphone insurance plans offer onsite repairs at authorized service centers, while others provide convenient mail-in services. It’s important to check if there are any additional fees for repairs or replacements and whether there are limitations on how many times you can make a claim.

Remember, not all plans cover accidental damage or cracked screens, so it’s crucial to read the fine print before making a decision.

Claim process and customer service

When it comes to phone insurance, the claim process and quality of customer service are crucial factors to consider. No one wants to deal with a complicated or frustrating claims process when their phone is damaged or stolen.

Look for insurance providers that offer an easy and streamlined claim submission process, preferably through online platforms or mobile apps. Additionally, reputable companies should have responsive and knowledgeable customer service representatives who can provide timely assistance when you need it most.

Choosing a company that prioritizes excellent customer service can make all the difference in your experience with phone insurance. You want assurance that your questions will be answered promptly and that any issues or concerns will be resolved efficiently.

Coverage for accessories and data loss

Having coverage for accessories and data loss is an essential feature to consider when choosing phone insurance. Accidents happen, and it’s not just the phone itself that can be damaged or lost but also the valuable accessories that come with it.

Some cellphone insurance plans provide coverage for accessories like chargers, headphones, and cases, ensuring that you’re protected in case they get damaged or stolen. Additionally, losing precious data stored on your phone can be a nightmare.

Look for insurance options that offer coverage for data loss due to accidental damage or theft. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that even if something happens to your phone or its accessories, you won’t lose all your important files or memories.

Pros and Cons of Carrier Phone Insurance vs. Third-Party Insurance

Carrier phone insurance, offered by companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and UScellular, has the advantage of being convenient since it can be bundled with your mobile service. However, carrier plans often have higher deductibles and limited coverage compared to third-party options like SquareTrade or Geek Squad.

Carrier phone insurance (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, UScellular)

If you’re looking for cellphone insurance, you might have considered getting it directly from your carrier. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and UScellular all offer their own phone insurance plans.

These carrier-provided options can be convenient as they are bundled with your monthly bill. However, it’s important to note that there are other third-party alternatives available as well. Carrier insurance plans typically come with a monthly premium and deductible payments if you need to file a claim.

While carrier phone insurance may seem like the easiest choice, it’s essential to compare different providers and consider factors such as coverage limitations and costs before making a decision.

Third-party insurance options (SquareTrade, StayMobile, Geek Squad)

If you’re looking for third-party insurance options for your phone, SquareTrade, StayMobile, and Geek Squad are worth considering. SquareTrade is known for its comprehensive coverage and affordable plans.

They offer protection against accidental damage, liquid spills, and even mechanical failures. Plus, their claim process is hassle-free and their customer service is top-notch.

StayMobile also provides excellent third-party insurance options. Their plans cover accidental damage as well as theft or loss of your phone. With StayMobile’s insurance, you can rest assured knowing that your device will be protected in various situations.

Geek Squad is another popular choice for third-party phone insurance. They offer reliable coverage against accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns. Additionally, Geek Squad provides assistance with data recovery if you experience any issues with your device.

Conclusion and Recommendation for the Best Phone Insurance Option

After careful consideration of the top cellphone insurance providers for 2023, including AKKOSquareTradeAppleCare++, and Samsung Care++, it is clear that there are quality options available.

When choosing phone insurance, consider key features such as coverage for accidental damage and theftdeductibles and premiums, repair and replacement options, claim process and customer service, as well as coverage for accessories and data loss.

Pros and cons exist with both carrier-provided plans and third-party options like StayMobile or Geek Squad. Ultimately, the best phone insurance option will depend on your specific needs and preferences.


1. What is the best phone insurance?

The best phone insurance will vary depending on your specific needs and budget. It’s important to consider factors such as coverage options, deductibles, premiums, customer reviews, and the reputation of the insurance provider.

2. What does phone insurance typically cover?

Phone insurance typically covers accidental damage (such as drops and spills), theft or loss, mechanical or electrical breakdowns, and in some cases even unauthorized usage charges. However, it’s important to review the terms and conditions of each policy to understand what exactly is covered.

3. Is it worth getting phone insurance?

Whether or not phone insurance is worth it depends on various factors including the cost of your device, how prone you are to accidents or losing your phone, and your financial situation. If you have an expensive device or frequently find yourself in situations where damage could occur, having phone insurance can provide peace of mind.

4. How do I choose the best phone insurance for my needs?

To choose the best phone insurance for your needs, consider evaluating multiple providers by comparing their coverage options, deductibles, premiums rates based on your device model/type & location amongst other factors before deciding which plan suits you most effectively while also considering real-life customer testimonials/reviews online regarding quality claims processing experiences when things have gone awry)

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