Big Eyes Coin, Waves, Stacks: Cryptocurrencies that Could Make You Huge Profits in 2023

No crypto investor will reject the opportunity of increasing their net worth. According to many crypto analysts, you should pay close attention to newcomer Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Waves (WAVES), and Stacks (STX). The crypto assets will likely experience a price pump that could make holders rich. A purchase before the yuletide could be profitable, and you should consider buying any of these cryptocurrencies soon.

Waves (WAVES) – Causing Ripples in the Crypto Market

Waves is an Ethereum-built multi-purpose blockchain network that enables the building of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contract execution. It is fast and easy to use for building digital assets and processing transactions. Waves contain DEX (decentralized exchange) for swapping crypto assets. The process is backed by the protocol’s native token, WAVES.

WAVES backs other activities on the platform, and it’s a good crypto asset for crypto investors to consider. The cryptocurrency could help crypto investors increase the value of their crypto holdings as it hopes to recover from the over 90% decline it experienced since peaking at an all-time high in March 2022.

Waves (WAVES) shows promising signs of being a good buy as it prepares for a profit-yielding run in the coming year. You should consider purchasing the crypto asset after doing your due diligence.

Stacks (STX) – Hopes to Stack up Profits for its Users in 2023

Stacks (STX) is yet to hit its full potential, but market experts believe the growing digital currency could come good for crypto investors months from now. The low-price crypto asset has about $500+ million market value, and it’s included in 135K+ watchlists. STX functions as a native token on Stacks, a layer-one blockchain protocol where users can fully enjoy Bitcoin’s optimum potential.

The platform introduces DeFi, decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and NFTs to Bitcoin (BTC), leveraging proof-of-transfer consensus. The consensus algorithm eliminates the need to alter Bitcoin’s chain or fork. The smart contract execution function on the platform is facilitated by a Stacks token (STX). The token registers digital assets on Stacks, and users leverage it to earn Bitcoin (BTC) on the platform.

The crypto asset experienced a huge upward rally in the previous year, moving from a $0.045 all-time low (ATL) to a $3 all-time high (ATH). Analysts believe Stacks (STX) could make such a run in 2023, tipping it to rally from its current under $0.5 market price to a region around its ATH. This should yield profit for investors.

Presenting Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme coin and every crypto enthusiast is hoping for a profitable 2023. Crypto market analysts have shared various predictions about the new cryptocurrency, and most of them indicate that Big Eyes Coin (BIG) could be a high-performing cryptocurrency. Purchasing the meme coin at this stage is has no risk because it is in its presale and it could yield high returns and top market players are not shying away from purchasing this new meme coin.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) aims to be as profitable as Shiba Inu (SHIB) was in 2021. The cat-theme meme coin could experience a price surge that can improve holders’ net worth. Big Eyes Coin is a DeFi meme coin, and most DeFi-related tokens have been tipped to increase in value in months to come. This increases the new cryptocurrency’s chances of being a profitable buy for crypto investors.

Adopters of Big Eyes Coin (BIG) at its early presale stage has high hopes of enjoying huge profits, which could be about 100× if the meme coin lives up to the billing. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) looks promising and as it is still in its presale, and you can benefit from its anticipated price surge when it launches in the coming year.

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