How can I identify duplicate image files?

Are you looking for an easier way to check whether your artwork is being stolen or not? Well, no need to worry anymore as reverse image search has got your back. Whether you are a photographer, a portraitist, a content creator, or practicing virtual, you must be anxious about the illegitimate usage of your artwork. However, dealing with such issues is not everyone’s cup of tea.

In this era of the internet and modern tools, everything is controlled with a few clicks or taps. You would never know where and how your pictures are being used and by whom. To trace down the user and usages, you would have to get in touch with tech-geeks. Seasoned software developers of website scraping experts are the one which would only assist you in the best possible way.

On the other hand, paying those professionals is also a strenuous task. They give you their time and services so they will ask for charges for fetching the data as per your concerns. We cannot deny the fact that everyone is not capable of paying a high fee of computer or software professionals. Thus, software utilities are being developed to cope up with such issues.

Reverse Image Search – Picture Finder

Just like the conventional way of finding information over the online repositories is made using test-based queries, this service accepts pictures as input. Now you can shift the traditional browsing methodologies from text-based inputs to graphical queries. Reverse image search is developed to make photo browsing fun as it used to be a hectic task in the past.

The reason behind developing this tool is to avoid any ambiguities in the browsing procedure which used to occur by entering text in the search bar. Scrolling web pages, opening multiple links, and navigating to numerous websites just to check if they are duplicating your content was trouble. The invention of advanced image search utility has reduced this manual effort.

Find Photo for free using Website

You would not be required to download any setup or exe file anymore. Reverse image search web-based utility relieves its users from the hassles of installing software which usually incorporates multiple errors, warnings, and permissions as well. Moreover, using such utilities requires them to free up some disk space as per the size of new applications and delete other important stuff.

All these things are enough to change your mind as humans are always attracted to ease. Therefore, image lookup is made to provide convenience to users. It is a feasible tool to be added to your daily usage utilities. Now you can use its services free of coos over the internet. Are you thinking about how to do it? Here is a short stepwise process for your guidance:

  • Connect your smart device with an uninterrupted internet connection
  • Go to the official webpage of reverse image search
  • Enter the keyword in the search bar to find duplicate pictures
  • Use the ‘Upload image’ button if the picture is saved to your hard drive
  • You can use the photo URL if it is already available over the World Wide Web
  • Click the ‘Search Similar Images’ button located right below the search bar

Reverse image search will scan hundreds of picture databases to find the ones which match the input query. The results are retired from three search engines including Google, Yandex, and Yahoo. You can click any of them to check the photos retrieved from the relevant data repositories. It finds the picture which best matches yours to identify the duplicate ones.

The icing on the cake is that it could be accessed from any internet-capable device. You would not be required to use any third-party services. It is compatible to be used with all kinds of operating systems including Windows OS, Mac, iPhone, and Android smartphones. All kinds of web-browsers support reverse image search so that you can enjoy hassle-free browsing.

Features of Picture Search Tool

Photo search has reduced the time which goes into finding duplicate pictures and the illicit usages of your content. It does not come up with lengthy user manuals because it is easy-to-use with its intuitive graphical user interface. The following are the points depict its features and prove that you are at an advantage with picture finder:

  • Get detailed information about the picture
  • See behind the cropped photo
  • Check the websites using the same image
  • Discover better versions of the sample photo
  • Same pictures with different dimension
  • Source and owner of the photo

In the End

As you have got to know the procedure of finding duplicate pictures with reverse image search, now you can use it whenever you are in doubt regarding your content. This utility will always provide you reliable and efficient results as it is free of errors. With just a picture, you can fetch the results in the blink of an eye rather than relying on professionals.

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