How Can I Track a Courier Without a Tracking Number?

When you order a product online, the next thought in your mind is to know the exact location of your ordered package. You can use china post tracking or Amazon tracking methods for it. But what if you do not have the tracking number of your ordered product? Is there any other way to find out the status of my package if you have no tracking number?

First thing first, you don’t need to worry about it. There are several alternatives that you can use to find out the location of your package. Keep reading and you will know about them:

Best Alternative Methods for tracking:

Reference Number:

The best alternative method to track your shipment online is by the reference number assigned to your shipment fastway tracking. You can find the reference number on the receipt of your ordered product.

Contacting the Courier Company:

You have lost the tracking number of your ordered package and it has been over long since you have ordered your package. You can contact the courier company that the sender has used for the shipment of your parcel. They will ask you for the relevant details about the product that will there on the receipt or in the confirmation e-mail. After you provide them the details, they will let you know about the status of your shipment that where it is at that time.
If you ask them about the tracking number that you have lost, they will let you recover it. Therefore, it is always important to give the right information to the company.

Using the FedEx InSight®:

FedEx InSight® is a service owned by FedEx courier services. It is a value-added service that provides you with the next level of visibility. Using this service, you can track a shipment without any tracking number. It is such a valuable service but it is restricted to the users of the FedEx services only. If your sender is using the FedEx courier service, then this feature is good to try feature.

Why my shipment is missing a tracking number?

As mentioned earlier, the tracking number is essential to check the status of your shipment, to let you know whether the package is on the way, in transit, or stuck in customs. To know the status of your shipment, the tracking number is compulsory.
But what happens when you do not get a tracking number?

It could be due to several reasons:

  • The courier company could have possibly not given you the tracking number. You can get one by contacting the courier company.
  • It could be changed mistakenly by the logistics provider. In this case, you can also contact the courier company for more details.
  • It could be due to the changes in order details that could have led to a change in the tracking number of your package.

Therefore, you are tracking with a wrong number that are not showing you the exact details of your package. You can get in touch with your courier company to know more.

Can I Track my Package by my name?

You may think that if you have lost your tracking number, you can track your package by your name. Unfortunately, you can’t. Assume that you have ordered a package, and you want to track it by your name. There is a possibility that many other packages could match your full name. In this case, the courier company could mistakenly disclose the personal information of other people with the same name.

Unlike your name, a tracking number is a unique number that is made only for one package. Therefore, the courier company doesn’t allow you to track your parcel by your name.

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