Cloud VoIP 101: What Is It And How Does It Help Create A Successful Remote Team

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If you’re like most people, you’re used to going to the office every day and seeing the same people there. But that’s not the only way that you could run a business anymore. Freeje, a provider in the telecom industry, makes alternative work setups like remote work possible.

The internet and cloud VoIP is the revolution that could potentially change how businesses manage their workforce forever.

Many businesses regardless of size are now making the switch as a response to the current situation. With the pandemic still in our midst, this would allow you to run your team remotely from the safety of your home.

Cloud VoIP, what should you know about it?

The most important thing that you should know is how it enables you to use your office phone number regardless of your location.

For as long as you have an internet connection, you can expect to stay connected with the office. You can log in to the system on your laptop or use a business phone line mobile app from your provider.

Everything – the entire system – is in the cloud or the internet. As a result, you don’t need to purchase specialized equipment. The entire team would be able to communicate as if they’re in one location, but that “location” only exists virtually.

How does it benefit an enterprise with remote workers?

Cloud VoIP offers so much to those willing to grab the opportunity. These are the greatest benefits to making the switch.

1. It helps lower costs

There’s so much that this tech has to offer. But one of the biggest selling points of cloud VoIP is its power to drastically slash expenses. Here are a few ways it can help reduce costs:

  • No need to rent a physical space. Renting an office space is expensive. And even if you decide to let some of your employees go, you’d still be stuck with a contract. VoIP lets you run a team without a physical office.
  • Hire workers where labor is cheap. Talent is everywhere. And you can get the same talent for less just by hiring people in a country where rates are more affordable.
  • Get add-on features for less. Phone companies couldn’t compete with online providers because they have the existing physical infrastructure to maintain. So with VoIP, you can get even those considered high-end features without breaking the bank.

With more money in your pocket, expanding your business would be much easier. You could invest more in marketing to grow your clientele. And later on, you could get more people on board.

2. It makes communication more flexible.

You don’t need to use just your laptop or your phone to call. VoIP lets you use both with no problem!

Gone are the days when your workers have to be near a phone to receive calls. This extremely limiting setup has been overtaken by a system more advanced and more efficient.

As part of the company’s VoIP system, your employees don’t need any equipment except for the ones they already have.

Even better, they can choose which one to use every time. So if there’s an incoming call, they can answer either using their phone or their laptop. The caller wouldn’t know the difference.

3. It lets you know who’s available.

Using the system, workers can declare if they’re busy, working, away, or available. This is very important with remote work because if there’s an urgent matter, you need to know who you can get in touch with right away.

More importantly, it prevents potential misunderstandings if someone doesn’t respond right away.

As any uneasiness between coworkers (much less with people they’ve never actually) met can result in communication breakdowns, it’s better addressed before such a situation arises.

4. It creates a bridge for all communication systems in use

Having separate communication systems can be confusing because it’s so hard to keep track of them.

And this can easily result in some workers not getting informed about something important because they have to open so much software. VoIP gets rid of this issue by consolidating in one place.

Everyone in the system can use voice, video, email, and other communication modes seamlessly and without missing anyone who should be in the loop.

5. It makes employee evaluations more unbiased

VoIP lets you hover around your employees without them ever knowing. You’ll know who’s giving stellar performance and who needs additional training.

A lot of providers give call statistics, allowing you to see the performance from a macro perspective. And at the same time, you can listen to call recordings that will let you verify your hunch based on the data available.

Considering the advantages that come with cloud VoIP, managing a remote workforce permanently becomes not just a temporary fix when face-to-face setup isn’t possible. It becomes the smart and obvious choice for leveraging talent and achieving bigger successes.

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