Why Cyber Security is Important in Online Casino Market?

Casinos have been a target for fraudsters and scammers since the online gambling started.

According to AGA, there are more than 1000+ casinos in the United States, ranking in more than $75 billion in gross gaming revenue which results an attractive target for hackers and scammers.

For many online casinos, a SOC (Security Operation Center) will be the best solution where they can monitor their all logs for cheating customers.

Features of SOC –

  • Centralizing the display of assets
  • Solidifying customer and employee trust
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Alert and Reporting Management
  • Compliance Audits
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Log Collection and Analysis
  • Incident Responder

From team member responsibilities to SOC location and makeup, the variations in SOCs across business landscapes is fairly substantial. There are many roles to play and business requirements to keep up.

  1. Incident Responder (Identifying threats, monitoring security tools, classification and prioritization of threats)
  2. Security Investigator (Identifies affected host/devices, threat analysis etc)
  3. Advanced Security Analyst (Identifies unknown vulnerabilities, Reviews past mitigations)
  4. SOC Manager (who manages entire team, communicates with CISO and other partners, etc)
  5. Security Engineer/Architect (who manages overall security architecture)

So what are the methods that online casino operators are using to ensure their customers are safe, and that their platforms are as secure as possible?

1. Data Encryption

This remains one of the most effective step for Online Casinos to secure their vast amount of personal and financial data.

2. Gaming Licenses

Licenses granted by bodies like UKGC, Antillephone ensure that a platform has met their all conditions.

3. Privacy Policies

To protect customer data and ensure compliance with GDPR, its very important that all Online Casinos such as PlayAmo online casino establish and publish comprehensive privacy policies.

4. Auditing Services

Maintaining a fair and responsible website is also important when it comes to operating an online casino and all infrastructure including Website/Servers must be audited with third party auditing organizations to ensure their website safety.

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