Earnviews: 8 Tips to Create a Perfect Instagram Bio

As you all know, Instagram is a platform where everyone can quickly get popular. In earlier days, it was just a photo-sharing app, but later on, it became a hub of business activity. With its new and updated features, it is easy to make your business grow and develop well. So nowadays, companies are utilizing the platform to the fullest of their potential.

When you open the app, you can see many features like stories, reels, posts, videos, etc., available. Marketers have to explore all and shall create their videos. Furthermore, they can buy instagram impressions and shall reap better results.

So, when we check out on Instagram, the bio has taken an essential space in the profile reach. Instagram bio has been used as a visiting card, cover letter, etc. By watching out Instagram bio, the audience will understand the true colours of your business. If you create a remarkable impression with your Instagram bio, you can gain more followers on your account. The below article will give you more insights into how to create a great Instagram bio for your profile.

A Brief Explanation of an Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio is just beneath the profile picture and a summary of your total profile. It describes who you are and what you do crisply and clearly. The main elements of an Instagram bio are a display name, page category, description, external link, contact information, etc. A bio is the one that attracts new audiences to your site.

Qualities of a Good Instagram Bio

A good Instagram bio will create a difference in the audience’s actions on the platform. For example, if you have a good Instagram bio, more audience will tap on the follow button than just visiting your profile and videos. The bio is around 150 characters alone. So, keep it short, sweet, and informative. An excellent bio will have all the descriptions and CTA links that direct them to company websites, where the audience can know more about the company.

8 Instagram Bio Ideas

1. Logo

Your company logo should be picture-perfect. Make sure you maintain consistency in all the online platforms. So that people will remember you wherever your logo pops up on the online platform. Your logo may represent your company name, motto, vision, or mission. Do not make it too clumsy. Please use elegant colour combinations that match your brand tone.

2. Optimize Your Name

Keep your brand name as your username. It is the most common method that every company follows. Most of the user names are constant and have not been changed permanently. Once you get famous on the platform, try to keep the same name. If you change it frequently, there is a high chance the audience may also get confused quickly. Moreover, it is essential to optimize the name for the search queries. If you keep your name as search engine optimized, you can easily rank higher in the search engine results.

3. Include Your Link

You should make out the best shot and should not miss out on your chances by embedding the wrong link. So, check out the link to see whether it is directing correctly to your website before you include it on your profile. So, it is essential to build a vital link for a long-lasting impact on the audience. Similarly, you can make your Instagram bio customized as you want.

4. Highlight Your Skills and Talents

Instagram bio is the best place to highlight your skills and opinions. If you are a company looking forward to better engagement, then your category must be included. In the case of individuals, they may highlight their thoughts on life on their bio. Some use fancy words to attract the target audience.

5. Include Contact Information

You have to include the contact information in your bio. For example, if you have 24/7 customer support, mention it in your bio so that customers will understand that your business is available throughout the day. Moreover, if you have a local shop, say its opening and closing hours.

6. Answer the Basic Information

It is simply that people will expect to know some of the basic information from your company. So, if you provide a brief about it, then it will satisfy your customer requirements. Companies and marketers can brainstorm different niche-related questions and give a short answer that makes your Instagram account more sensible. You must consider how a search engine works and include the relevant keywords in your Instagram account.

7. Add Hashtags

As you are all more familiar with the reach of hashtags, you would know that it provides a significant impact on the account’s reach. You cannot include more hashtags as you do in your descriptions. However, you can add one or two essential hashtags that drive traffic to your sites. Moreover, you can leverage EarnViews which shall enhance your popularity. If you are a brand, then include brand-specific hashtags.

8. Be Creative

Creativity always stays on top. You must show off your funny, entertaining, humanizing side on your Instagram bio. Moreover, if you are more creative, you can easily attract more audiences. Make your content breathe. For example, your content needs to be spoken more than your image elements. You can even add up lines and spaces that create more eagerness.


Finally, whatever the approaches you take for your Instagram bio, you must check on it and invest your time and effort in the process. We hope all the above points mentioned are helpful to implement in your Instagram bio creation process. Once you are happy with your bio, you can check on it and make any adjustments before posting it online.

There are many proven records where the reach was higher after including an excellent Instagram bio. So marketers kindly consider focusing on the Instagram bio and ensuring you convey the message to your audience perfectly. Furthermore, you can try using EarnViews and shall better succeed on the online platform. If you find this article interesting, you can leave your feedback below! Thanks for reading!

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