Emberify Tips to Make Your Instagram Campaign Hit Viral Online

Instagram campaign creation is quite a task that takes requires your time and effort. When you are a beginner, you must follow up with a step-by-step guide to stay on track. Mostly the campaigns are done for ads creation and management. Nowadays, there are more possibilities for running all your Instagram campaigns under a single roof. i.e., with the ads manager. So to improve your campaign visibility, you need to acquire more instagram views on the platform. Apart from this, there are much more options that you can use to make your Instagram campaign viral. Here are a few tips for your betterment. Let’s begin! 

8 Tips to Improve Instagram Marketing Campaigns

  1. Include Smart Goals  

It is nothing but, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based goals. Specific denotes being precise in your targets, Whereas measurable goals will give your current followers and engagement rate data to track your growth. Attainable is where you need to put effort into achieving your goals, but they are within reach. Realistic goals deal with the budget goals based on the current growth rate and duration of the campaign run. Finally, time-based is nothing but the campaign’s duration depends upon the goals. During every campaign run, check whether your progress is good with SMART. 

  1. Think Out Your Campaign Content 

Create a content calendar for all your posts and videos. Planning before the launch never goes out of style. Then, check whether each post makes sense with your campaign. So you can maintain high quality and creativity throughout your campaign. Moreover, if you have Instagram influencers on your campaigns, ask them to support the content schedules per your calendars. 

  1. Use Reels and Stories 

As per statistics, nearly 58% of users are most likely to look for a brand by seeing its stories. In campaigns, the stories complement your posts. A quick engagement can be attained with Instagram stories and reels. Try experimenting with them and get curated with your content. As stories stay visible for 24 hours, they may drive significant traffic to your Instagram account. You can further try using Emberify and accelerate your Instagram presence. 

  1. Fix the Brand Aesthetics 

Your campaign designs should align with the brand’s overall look. You have to check on the color scheme throughout your branded campaigns. It will make your campaign more recognizable. It will define your brand voice too. All you need to consider is developing a solid brand image. 

  1. Set Realistic Ad Campaign Budgets 

In the practical world, you must set your campaign budget and stick to it entirely throughout the campaign. For example, it would help if you decided on the Cost per mile (CPM), Cost per click (CPC), etc. Here, CPM helps to drive awareness, whereas CPC will help you pay for actions. 

  1. Insert a CTA 

Ensure you provide a path for the followers to follow up on your account. So you have to include a CTA. With CTA, they will buy a product or visit your website for further reference. For paid campaigns, it would be best to insert a single Instagram CTA link that helps users to take additional steps.  

  1. Schedule Your Post in Advance 

A guaranteed and desired result occurs when you schedule and post it at the right time. Scheduling your Instagram posts saves you much time, and there is no need to wait for the perfect time to post. You shall conclude the right time to post your Instagram posts with several online sources. Most of the statistics are based on analyzing the past 30 days’ posts. Moreover, the right time will differ for different niches.  

  1. Track the Top Metrics 

Before the launch of the Instagram campaign, you should keep a list of your KPIs. Of course, depending on the campaign type, your metrics will change over. But most importantly, you have to focus on audience growth, impressions, and engagement rates. However, with baseline KPIs, you can measure the impact of your campaign. 

Some Successful Running Instagram Campaigns

  1. Inkey List

The famous skincare brand Inkey List has shared a tutorial reel. The reels are created to promote the products featured on them. This particular reel is short and self-explanatory. The primary objective of the reel is to create awareness through its emphasis on how to take better skin care. 

  1. Califia Farms

Califia farms have recently posted user-generated content highlighting the product’s customer review. They keep the post-eye-catching with a beautiful background. Social proof always builds the credibility of the brand. You can create an ad campaign where the lovable customers can leave their reviews. 

  1. Omson Food Brand

Omson food brand shares the journey and values of their brand. The reels convey the brand’s authenticity and speech by the brand’s owner about what is essential for their brands. Once the audience gets connected with the brand, they may have great trust and make a purchase continuously. 

  1. Teleport Watches

If you check on some brands on Instagram, they used to post on special occasions alone. For instance, Teleport watches have posted a single image saying they have offers on Black Friday. The post contains clear terms and guidelines that are understandable by the audience. 

  1. The Broke Black Girl

A great way to engage with your audience is to share valuable tips, facts, and trends. For example, the broke black girl’s account shares insightful suggestions for improving your financial habits, i.e., where you can invest or save your money in today’s world. It conveys many beneficial methods. After watching the image, people will dig out the details in captions. 

Bottom Line

The above tips and examples will clarify the idea of going with the Instagram campaign. On the whole, Instagram is a great platform to run campaigns. With a great and well-rounded strategy, you can quickly produce the campaign results you expect. Furthermore, to improve your Instagram profile visibility, try using Emberify and reap the perks. Leave your feedback below! 

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