Exploring MonsterONE: Let Us Walk You Across Its Benefits!

Currently, the Internet is the primary source of top-notch resources for people involved in web creation. Why is it that using ready-made templates has become so mainstream? It streamlines the overall procedure for preparing various web tasks.

Put differently, you do not have to invest time in designing prototypes, brainstorming original concepts, and developing. On the other hand, acquiring a variety of digital items is not the best option for those who deal with them regularly. For instance, there are use license restrictions.

As a consequence, TemplateMonster, one of the most prominent digital marketplaces, chose to tackle this problem right away. It now offers an enticing answer for ready-made solution fans. The team called it MonsterONE. It has already turned out to be a fantastic resource for web developers and other similar professionals.

A Portrait of MonsterONE by TemplateMonster

MonsterONE is a compilation of masterful items and components. You can use it to accomplish a variety of design goals. You may be starting from scratch with a new assignment or implementing a few design changes. It provides distinctive templates for various niches, eye-catching visuals, powerful plugins, and other assets. In any case, MonsterONE grants access to all of the aforementioned goods as well as many others for a single fee.

Peculiarities of MonsterONE to Keep in Mind

  1. To begin with, it allows you to experience unlimited downloads. To put it another way, you are free to download as many digital things as you desire. Following that, it is possible to share your finished web designs on multiple domains.
  2. To make your membership as profitable as feasible, TemplateMonster is constantly expanding the list of partners and developing beneficial partnerships. These days, the subscription provides a year of free use of Draftium. It is a very valuable mockup instrument. There are also SE Ranking, Crello, and DepositPhotos offerings.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of 365 days of free support. To address your problems, you may obtain immediate general assistance via chat or expert service using the ticket system. There is also no need to worry whether everything will be okay with your purchase. MonsterONE guarantees safe payments.
  4. If you wish to download goods that are not part of MonsterONE, you will receive a 35% discount.
  5. Due to a large number of authors, MonsterONE’s inventory is always evolving. In addition to this, the subscription holds the keys to all of the best-selling goods on TemplateMonster. These include Monstroid2, WooStroid2, Brave, and a slew of others.

What to Expect from the MonsterONE Range of Products?

We have already mentioned that MonsterONE by TemplateMonster is a perfect fit for various individuals. Apart from webmasters, more groups of users can take advantage of the subscription. These include marketers, bloggers, business owners, graphic designers, and others. Such a huge audience means that MonsterONE must provide a massive number of ready-made solutions. Fortunately, it does. You have a chance to download the following digital items:

  • WordPress and CMS themes;
  • eCommerce and HTML templates;
  • plugins (PrestaShop and WordPress);
  • graphics (Photoshop templates, social media, patterns, animated banners, vector graphics, and others);
  • presentation templates;
  • video and audio assets;
  • 3D models.

Will MonsterONE Be Suitable for Your Budget?

Before evaluating premium plans, folks on a low budget must be considered. Thankfully, the subscription enables everyone to create a free account to test out some of the delights. You will be ready to get unlimited downloads of:

  • presentation templates;
  • website templates;
  • PSD templates;
  • backgrounds;
  • icons;
  • and other stuff.


$89 per year or

$18 (a monthly subscription)


$159 per year

All-in-One (Lifetime) 


Graphic and design assets WordPress and CMS themes WordPress and CMS themes
Presentation templates eCommerce themes eCommerce themes
Video and audio assets Plugins Plugins
Unlimited projects Graphic and design assets Graphic and design assets
One-year technical support Presentation templates Presentation templates
Video and audio assets Video and audio assets
Unlimited projects Unlimited projects
One-year technical support One-year technical support
Unlimited lifetime access

Digital Products to Sell: Author and Affiliate Activities With MonsterONE

Furthermore, it is unthinkable not to mention the possibility of profiting from cooperating with MonsteONE. If you want to sell website templates, TemplateMonster is always ready to open its doors. In this case, you need to:

  • fill out a registration form;
  • wait for the MonsterONE team to approve your application;
  • start uploading your products and getting sales.

Getting more earnings is possible in case you decide to join the MonsterONE affiliate program. There are a few stages to go through.

  1. Create and verify an affiliate account.
  2. Using an admin panel, generate a unique referral link. Then, you will share it on different channels, including social media, websites, newsletters, and others.
  3. Examine your campaigns on the affiliate admin panel. Try out various traffic sources to get high-quality leads. The more prospects you refer, the more money you will make.
  4. Earn up to 30% commission on every MonsterONE subscription through your link.

A Few Words in Conclusion

Before we conclude, let us recap all info and emphasize the advantages of selecting MonsterONE.

  1. A selection of items (ready-made templates, graphics, and presentation templates) is continuously updated. So, you can obtain digital items that are appropriate for a variety of purposes.
  2. There are unlimited downloads available to every subscriber.
  3. Save both money and time (the average price of the goods featured in MonsterONE is $500K+).
  4. Excellent and professional assistance.
  5. A free plan.
  6. Partner proposals (Draftium, Crello, DepositPhotos, and others).
  7. If you have digital products to sell, there is an opportunity to make money as both an affiliate and an author.

Thanks for reading!

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