What To Do With Fake Instagram Followers?


Fake followers are a go-to resource for most influencers and businesses when they are just starting. While everyone might think that fake followers unleash nothing but calamity over one’s profile, it cannot be more false.

Fake followers provide a lot of great benefits. When brought strategically and carefully, they can create a difference between you asking brands to give you sponsorship to brands pleading you to do a sponsorship for them.

There is a proper way to buy Instagram followers. Don’t worry if you don’t know yet; we are discussing it right now.

The proper way of buying fake Instagram followers

It is fairly simple. All you have to make sure is not to make Instagram moderators suspicious of your activity. If they get the slightest hint of suspicious activity on your profile (such as a sudden increase in followers overnight), they will disable your profile temporarily.

So what do you do in this case? Easy. You buy fake followers in batches. This way, neither the algorithm nor the moderators will be suspicious of your activity, and you’ll be soaring the skies in no time.

You could also buy real Instagram likes and save yourself all the trouble, but the fact remains that they are a little pricey to come by, plus there is no standard way of authenticating their originality. Hence we’d advise you to stick with the fake ones.

What to do with fake Instagram followers

Now that you have successfully bought fake Instagram followers, what to do with them? The answer is simpler than you thought. Nothing! Just let them hang around on your profile and do all the work for you. However, that being said, there are some other things you can practice just to make sure your purchase doesn’t go to waste.

Here is something you can try after buying fake Instagram followers:

Fake followers are just a headstart

Of course, you bought your followers to serve your purposes of growth. But growth doesn’t just come from buying followers and engagement. You have to be consistent in what you do.

The first thing you must show consistency for is your posts.

If you’re a business page or an influencer and you’re just starting, your account will likely lose its thunder if you don’t post something new every day.

You can try this out for yourself. Post every day and notice how the number of likes and engagement on your posts keeps on increasing, and so does the number of your followers.

This is because Instagram’s algorithm will keep on showing your posts to a more potential audience when it sees that you have enough followers (it does not care if they’re fake, only that they exist) and that they enjoy your posts.

But you have to remember to keep posting every day. Break the chain, and you’ll need to start all over again.

Filter out your followers

Sure fake followers come with all kinds of names and usernames, and profile pictures. However, you have to remember that they’re the results of a computer program that takes out random first names and last names from a long list of names to generate a name and a username by adding an integer at the start or end of the names.

But sometimes, the program starts acting all crazy and generates names that are way too obvious to be fake. So once your account starts to grow, you might want to get rid of those strange, weird-looking accounts that even a tiny child can diagnose the bot in.

You could either do this yourself, or you could simply hire someone to do it for you while you spend your precious time on more creative and productive works.

It might not sound like a big thing but people spotting bot followers in your follower’s list is the last thing you want. It affects your credibility severely. You wouldn’t want that to happen.


And that is it on what to do with Fake Instagram followers. Remember, fake followers are there only to give you a boost for more sustainable growth. Once the growth starts to happen, the fake followers eventually dissolve in your pool of followers.


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