Free Educational Android Apps for Students

Nowadays, a smartphone is a multipurpose tool that allows us to make calls, send messages, play games, watch videos, and even learn new skills. You can even tackle your school tasks and become one of the best online class takers. If you have an Android smartphone, scroll down below and find a list of top free apps for students. Choose the best ones that match your skills, or install them all if you have enough space on your device.

Online Learning

Nowadays, the most effective way to learn new skills is by watching videos. The combination of visual and auditory information helps remember something new efficiently. Therefore, let’s check some excellent online education platforms for students.


Do you want to acquire new skills by watching video lectures from the world’s top universities like MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley? Well, this application brings an excellent opportunity to get additional education at your pace.

There are also a lot of free video lessons from famous professors and companies like IBM or Google. Besides, you can acquire a certificate after finishing a program.


This application is quite similar to EdX and allows enrolling in courses from different universities online. However, this app provides the ability to download education materials and break up your education into small pieces that could take short 10 minutes or long 4-hours daily lessons. The offline mode is also enabled to study without connection.

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It is a platform that gathers tons of video-courses from different instructors. Anyone can become a teacher there. Fortunately, every instructor and video lesson has a user’s rating to find the best ones. This app also grants the ability to save video-lessons on your smartphone and watch them offline.

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Should be noted: some video courses on Udemy can last more than 50 hours. Therefore, if you don’t have free time to learn new skills, feel free to order assignments at SpeedyPaper, an online essay writing service. Is SpeedyPaper legit? It’s easy to find an answer to this question by surfing users’ reviews on the Internet.

LinkedIn Learning

This app will not only provide the ability to learn new skills but also help you gain your LinkedIn profile. Using this app, you can watch interesting video lectures, download them, discuss with mates, and share your certificates on LinkedIn. It will help you showcase your skills to companies and boost your chances of getting a fabulous job after graduation.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy app helps students around the globe for free. Their primary source of income is donations that help them maintain the application and add new education materials.

There is a large assortment of textbooks with detailed explainers in different sciences. Using this app, you can learn merely anything. Also, there are a lot of video tutorials and practice problems with solutions.


This android app gathers hundreds of thousands of video lessons in one place. You can find almost anything there, from cooking lessons to programming video-guides. All the videos are free. For instance, if you want to learn anatomy and psychology, install the TubeStudy on your smartphone, and find a video-lesson that you need.

Natural and Exact Sciences

Doubtless, all students have to learn physics, biology, math, chemistry, and other sciences. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be good at everything. If you’re a student who wants to improve knowledge in natural or exact sciences, explore the selection of educational apps below.

Complete Biology

Those students who need to prepare for biology exams should install this app with no doubts. There are 35 lessons on different topics. Each lesson comes with graphics that help explain educational materials in more detail. Also, there is a biological dictionary with all the formulas and terms.

Chemistry Lab

Is it hard for you to answer what covalent bonding is? With this app, you have a great chance to improve your knowledge of chemistry by using a smartphone in your hand. This app turns boring education into a fun game and drives users to learn chemistry. If you get stuck answering a question, a hint with a detailed explanation will appear.

Pocket Physics

If you are not good with physics formulas and axioms, this app is a must on your smartphone. Pocket physics could become your savior if you forgot some basic concepts or formulas. There are also a lot of explainers that will help you understand physics in more detail. All the content is free and available offline.

Math Tricks

Do you want to discover how to resolve math problems lighting fast without a calculator? Download the Math Tricks app and discover some great methods to add, subtract, divide, square, etc.

Geography Map Trainer

Austria or Australia, which country is located in Europe? If you can hardly answer this question, do not hesitate to download Geography Map Trainer on your smartphone and learn more about the world you live in.

Helpful Apps

Sometimes, students need help in different areas. All the apps from the list below help students find answers to various questions lightning fast and resolve any problems effortlessly.


It is a multipurpose app from Google that brings access to any question that may appear. There are tons of textbooks on any subject. Also, there are a lot of step-by-step explanations with visual study guides.

If there is no answer to your question, Google’s AI will surf the Internet and find the most appropriate articles.

If you’re an international student with low English proficiency, feel free to install it to improve your English skills. It is the leading digital dictionary. It will help you expand your vocabulary, listen to correct pronunciation, and learn grammar for free.


Wikipedia is a comprehensive library about everything. Almost all students use this website, writing research college papers. However, some students choose the easy way and order academic writing services online to get high grades with no hassle.

Fortunately, there is an Android app to surf Wikipedia on a smartphone easily. It makes 40 million articles available on a device in your pocket. Also, the app brings suggestions to read interesting articles when you have free time.


This one is an all-embracing homework helping application for students. Using this app, you can study any subject by reading books or watching video tutorials. Also, there are more than 35 million questions with answers and solution sets.

If you can hardly find helpful information in this app, feel free to ask your question. After this, an expert will answer it, and you receive a notification on your smartphone.

Language Learning

In the modern world, when all the borders are almost erased, it’s vital to know more than two foreign languages. Fortunately, there is no need to visit language lessons to learn Spanish, French, or German. Explore the selection of the best free language learning apps for Android below.


It is the #1 language learning app for smartphones. There are more than 30 languages that you can study for free in the form of a game. The app offers different levels of language proficiency education. You can start by learning new words and grammar rules or master your pronunciation.


Do you want to improve your English-speaking skills? This app is one of the best to improve your language proficiency. It will provide you with new English expressions from YouTube every day with captions and explanations. It also grants the ability to correct your pronunciation and chat with an English teacher.

Learn Chinese & Learn Mandarin Free

Do you want to learn the most difficult languages in the world? If so, download this app and start learning Chinese and Mandarin for free. The app has the form of a game with great explainers that will help you study a new language with no hassle.

Software Engineering

The popularity of digital services drives a lot of students to start learning the code. If you want to become a software engineer, feel free to discover how to build software products using your smartphone.


It is one of the most powerful apps to study programming languages by using a cell phone. There are more than 2,000 lessons to start learning HTML/CSS, JS, Python, C++, or any other programming language using your smartphone only.

Also, there is an in-built code editor to practice and check the results in live time. The app provides the opportunity to become a part of a large developers’ community and compete with other learners.


Do you have only five minutes a day to learn the code? Well, this app will be a great choice. Short lessons and quick tasks will fit any schedule perfectly and provide the ability to learn programming languages even if you have zero tech background.

Helpful Tip for Students

When students want to learn new skills by themselves, they are on the right way to success. A lot of famous entrepreneurs were self-taught. However, sometimes students merely don’t have enough time to learn something new.

If you’re one of those, who are always short in time, follow this link – and order papers at the best essay writing platform. Alternatively, you can create a schedule and try to follow it strictly. When you create time-frames for each activity, you will be able to boost your productivity and allocate more time for self-learning.

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